Doris Day

Doris Day by Milton H Greene

Doris Day by Milton H Greene.

Doris Day: a talent for living

In 1968, after 25 years in Hollywood making 39 films, a five-year TV series and hundreds of recordings, Doris Day gave it all up and walked away, aged 49. Anyone who’s followed her career will not have been surprised by that. She was never addicted to the limelight – as much as she loved making films she also maintained that, “Work was work, and when I wasn’t at work, I didn’t think about it”. No doubt there were a few special films that she did think about when she was ‘off duty’ but, generally speaking, that was her attitude.

Doris Day with Allyn McLerie in "Calamity Jane"

One of her big hits, Doris Day with Allyn McLerie in “Calamity Jane” 1953.

She had learned to move easily through life, following her varied career from unknown band singer to top recording film and TV star. Her son Terry Melcher said, “My mother is very good at moving on” and gave as one example, “As soon as she felt her voice had passed its peak, she stopped recording. She just got to the stage where she felt there were others who had taken the spotlight and she didn’t think her music was relevant anymore”.

Another smash hit, Doris and Rock Hudson in "Pillow Talk" 1959.

Another smash hit, Doris and Rock Hudson in “Pillow Talk” 1959.

It must have been clear to her that her film career had also passed its peak. Then nearly 50, she was too mature for the romantic comedies she’d been making and she didn’t want to play parts such as Mrs Robinson in The Graduate, which she was offered and turned down, considering it vulgar. She was probably also aware that it might not have been well received by some of her huge fan base – many of whom thought that her image-breaking role in Love Me or Leave Me was a bit risqué at the time.

Deadly triangle: James Cagney, Doris Day and Cameron Mitchell in Love Me or Leave Me.

“Love Me or Leave Me” (1955), starring Doris Day, James Cagney and Cameron Mitchell.
‘This could be the best film I’ve made’, said Doris Day.

Doris Day has always had a close relationship with her fans and still devotes time to answering fan mail and keeping in touch with some she’s known for years. She feels a responsibility to them for what she has created – the performer Doris Day, who has inspired such love, devotion and loyalty. Or as Lloyd K Jessen put it, the Reel Doris Day compared to the Real Doris Day. Although, you could say that, at this stage, there isn’t much in it, and both parties are happily living together as one.

In 1981 Doris left Hollywood for the coastal town of Carmel, California – a place she fell in love with while making the film Julie on location there in 1956. This time, she did something personal, based on her long-held affection for animals, particularly dogs, and set up the Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF), which has improved conditions for animals throughout the US and in 50 other countries.

“I enjoyed my career and had a great time working in Hollywood,” Doris said. “But after decades of non-stop films, recordings and television, the time seemed right to start a new chapter – concentrating on my animal welfare work.”    Continue reading…


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Celebrating Doris DVD

Celebrating Doris DVD: A special video produced in honor of Doris’ 92 Birthday. Fond remembrances of working with Doris from 15 of her co-stars, including an introduction by Doris Day and a wealth of film clips.
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What a wonderful heartfelt tribute to a wonderful lady – Doris Day is a class act – there’s no one like her – just fabulous.” – James

It’s just a beautiful tribute to Doris, and it really made my Day. So many nice things were said about her and, in view of some of the artless stuff that comes out of Hollywood, I thought Jamie Farr’s comment that she “brought dignity to the industry” was a very special compliment” – Judy

Thanks to Scott Dreier for producing and directing such a wonderful tribute. In one of her songs from “My Heart” Doris in some of the lyrics from “Disney Girls” sings “guess I’m slowing down.” We can all expect that some day.
Throughout the video production words such as love, golden, joy, empathy, and breath taking are used to describe Doris Day. I personally know that all the tributes given to Doris, are the same as I, and I am sure, all of us have felt for this great lady. Jackie Joseph summed it all up when she said “I truly truly love you, but who doesn’t”. – Texas

What a great tribute to Doris with all those (older but familiar) faces, so nicely and respectfully done. They took the time to film the interviews and add a lot of the clips related to the stories together. I can feel the love from all of them for Doris. It didn’t feel made up, but real. Love and respect for Doris and all of her friends and co-stars.
I’m looking forward for the 2017 episode. Maybe there will be some behind the scenes footage too. Wouldn’t it be great to hear the people who worked with Doris in the recording studio’s or the people who wrote songs for her about her singing?” – Peter

Get ‘Celebrating Doris’ DVD from the Doris Day Animal Foundation.


Scott Dreier – The Doris Day Project CD

Scott Dreier's The Doris Day Project

Scott Dreier’s new album, The Doris Day Project. Click image to buy. See more below.

Broadway World Review: “Now, after a long wait, Scott Dreier has recorded those fabulous Doris Day tunes that we all love in his very own inimitable style and warmth. The CD is entitled The Doris Day Project. Doris’ love has transcended time and has passed down from her to Scott and, now through the recording, on to us. What a treasure trove of hits that will never die! Tracks include: “Young at Heart”, “This Can’t Be Love”, “It’s Magic”, “Sentimental Journey”, “Secret Love”, “Shaking the Blues Away”, of course “Que Sera, Sera” from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much, and “My Buddy”, among many other gigantic hits.

It is hard not to fall in love with Dreier’s wonderfully original interpretations of all of the tunes. The fast patter and upbeat pace to “I May Be Wrong (But I Think You’re Wonderful)” is sheer delight. He makes Ira and George Gershwin’s “Do Do Do” extra special fun to listen to and … the wonderful arrangement of “Secret Love” has never before been rendered with such heartfelt joy by a male singer. His whispery prayer-like intonation and phrasing suit the material to perfection. He made me teary eyed with his earnest, sensitive approach to “My Buddy” coupled with “The Way You Look Tonight”. The increased tenderness with “Que Sera, Sera” is deliciously precious, and what sincerity and fervor with “It’s Magic”! Dreier’s delivery and special arrangements will take your breath away.” – Read More…

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