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As Doris Day's career advanced, many films were mentioned as possible starring vehicles for the blonde superstar. There were also a couple of TV Series - one based on "Calamity Jane" - Variety reported: "Arwin Productions, the Doris Day-Marty Melcher outfit, is preparing a 39 stanza vidpix series starring Miss Day, based on the "Calamity Jane" character. It's reportedly budgeted at $2,000,000. Series starts after the actress completes Warners' "Pajama Game." Three directors will be used, one each for comedy, musical sequences, and dramatic segments".

Doris Day as TV Detective: as late as 1993 there was a possible TV series with Doris Day starring in an Angela Lansbury type detective series. She didn't like the scripts so the project was dropped.

In 1950, Box-office Magazine reported that Warners had the following plans for her:

The Helen Morgan Story

The Helen Morgan Story

(Musical Biography) Musical biography planned for Doris Day, in which she has the title role as the celebrated nightclub and vaudeville songstress of another era. Note: This is one of the few planned projects that Doris vehemently refused to play. She did not feel she wished to portray the sordid aspects of Helen Morgan and would be totally different from her screen image. The film was later made with Ann Blyth and Paul Newman. Ann mouthed the beautiful sounds of Gogi Grant who sang for her. The soundtrack album was wonderful and very popular 

Miss America

(Romantic Comedy) Stars: Doris Day, Virginia Mayo. Producer: Walter Jacobs. This backgrounded against the annual "Miss America" beauty pageant held in Atlantic City. Note: No other information is available. Sounds like a great idea!

Painting the Clouds with Sunshine

(Musical Comedy) Stars: Doris Day, Lucille Norman, Dennis Morgan, and Gene Nelson. Producer: William Jacobs. Director: David Butler. A tune film with a Tin Pan Alley background. Note: This film was made with other stars replacing Doris! 


The Jazz Singer 

(Musical) Warners planned to remake the famous first talking picture with Danny Thomas playing the old Al Jolson role. However, Doris had other ideas: "There's a faint chill on between Doris Day and director Michael Curtiz, who first signed Doris to a movie contract and who's been responsible to a great degree for her stardom. The temperature dropped when Doris decided that she wasn't right for the part opposite Danny Thomas in the remake of The Jazz Singer. Curtiz, who's directing the picture, tried to change Doris' mind, then let his anger show. Peggy Lee is the lark who gets the part that Doris refused." - (Movie Magazine Gossip Column)


Anniversary Waltz

(Musical Comedy) - Hedda Hopper reported: "While Marty Melcher was back east with Doris Day he got together with Joe Fields. They're hoping to sign Gene Kelly to co-star with Doris in "Anniversary Waltz" and also to direct the picture." (Doris only worked with Gene as director on "The Tunnel of Love.")


South Pacific  

South Pacific

(Musical) 20th Century Fox) Doris Day was thought to be the perfect choice for Nellie Forbush in this famous Broadway musical brought to the screen. However, it is reported from several sources (whether true or not) that Martin Melcher wanted too much money for Doris to play the part. The other rumor is that Doris was asked to do a little singing impromptu at a Hollywood party by Richard Rodgers. She refused since she did not like doing that sort of thing and that it cost her the role. What a difference her presence could have made in this Hollywood classic. From a gossip column came this release: "(Doris) is dying to do the Nellie Forbush role in 'South Pacific' and is willing to give a million for the screen rights."


The Graduate

The Graduate

Doris Day wrote: "I was offered the part of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate but I could not see myself rolling around in the sheets with a young man half my age whom I'd seduced. I realized it was an effective part (Anne Bancroft won an Academy Award for it) but it offended my sense of values.

Of course, in the years since then, explicit sex has become commonplace on the screen - so commonplace that it is considered novel when a film appears without a few naked bodies thrashing about. Now I really don't put anybody else down for doing such scenes. To each his own. Many actors enjoy doing these turns, and obviously many people enjoy watching them. I don't, either doing or watching. I can't picture myself in bed with a man, all the crew around us, doing that which I consider so exciting and exalting when it is very personal and private. I am really appalled by some of the public exhibitions on the screen by good actors and actresses who certainly have the talent to convey the impact of what they are doing without showing us to the last detail of pubic hair and rosy nipple how they are doing it." - Doris Day, Her Own Story


The Deep Six

Other ideas bounced around and reported in Variety as upcoming projects included: Two Films With Alan Ladd:
A statement read: "Via a reciprocal agreement, Doris Day and Alan Ladd have agreed to appear together in two pictures during the next three years. They're exchanging commitments to co-star in each other's independent productions. "Miss Day and her husband, Marty Melcher, own Arwin Productions, which will launch 'Julie' next month for MGM release. Ladd's Jaguar Productions has already made three features under a releasing commitment with Warner's."The actress probably will appear first with Ladd in the latter's projected 'The Deep Six,' based on the novel by Martin Dibner, which will roll under the Jaguar banner later this year."


Love Affair

(MGM)  Starring Doris Day and Howard Keel, This remake of the famous Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne classic was to be a musical version of the film and was to star Howard Keel with Doris.



Hello Dolly

Mame" and "Hello Dolly" were also mooted for Doris Day.


The Sound of Music

Doris was also mentioned for the Julie Andrews role in "The Sound of Music".

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