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Lauren Benjamin
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Doris Day on Twitter

Unread post by Lauren Benjamin »

Many of you probably subscribe to Google Alerts for Doris. While the Alerts can sometimes be interesting, most of the time Doris' name is just mentioned in passing without discussions of anything substantial.

I have recently found that searching "Doris Day" on will bring me my daily hit of positive comments about Doris every day! I have included the best of the them below. Only the comments in text are shown. At, the little color thumbnails of the people twittering are there but they are not shown below.

If you are interested in reading comments from Twitter, go to and do a "search" for Doris Day. This will give you a read out of the most recent on top with older tweets as you scroll down. At the bottom of the page, you'll see "MORE." Click on that and you can go back for older Tweets.

Note: Scroll down to the second to the last tweet below. You'll see a woman who claims to be Doris' great niece, who says that she has just watched "Calamity Jane." If you go to and look up that tweet and click on her photo, you'll see that she lives in Ohio so she might just be Doris' great niece.

So many people say that they are listening to Doris sing and they give the link so that clicking on it will take you to the song that they are listening to. While you may not be interested in doing that, I think it helps to promote Doris as a singer just in case these rather young tweeters have no clue about that.


XAKTEmy nr 45 , and I love Doris day ... ♫" onclick=";return false; 8 hours ago from

laurawestcottMy peeps at 'Bucks have nicknamed my drink "The Doris Day." Sweet.about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck

[email protected] I love Doris Day.about 12 hours ago from web

kaiiiiiitlyn"everybody loves my baby, but my baby don't love nobody but me":) I love Doris day!about 17 hours ago from txt

[email protected] still nothing like Hepburn-Tracy or Doris Day and Rock Hudson the classicsabout 18 hours ago from mobile web

CaliSmiles06 Doris Day is love!! Woot!! @keeva99 @nimbusrogue @solitarybelle aroundabout 20 hours ago from txt

[email protected] DORIS DAY FTW!!about 20 hours ago from web

traviskelly Doris Day said that she liked the pattern on my shirt. It was "a different kind of plaid". She promptly exited the studio. Thanks Doris.lol3:25 PM Aug 25th from web

hannahmjames Nothing beats Rock Hudson & Doris Day. Nothing.9:37 PM Aug 24th from txt

SannaHaynesI love Doris Day music.4:49 PM Aug 24th from txt

robertcoffmanAnd I sooo totally love this one. Doris Day singing The Glass Bottom Boat!" onclick=";return false; PM Aug 23rd from web

[email protected] I recommend a Doris Day movie for a good romcom.1:39 PM Aug 23rd from TwitterFon

sruiz1987I love the Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies!4:08 AM Aug 23rd from txt

FionaTinsunniesAnd Doris Day on the radio. Fantastic!2:45 AM Aug 23rd from web

perfectlyredKay..Sirah....Sirah................My friend Doris Day!! Need a new dog to call Doris Day6:40 PM Aug 22nd from TwitterBerry

perfectlyredCypress Inn in Carmel is Doris Day's can we talk?? Why did she stop acting and singing!! I love her1:04 PM Aug 22nd from TwitterBerry

TripperMcGeeFaded Summer Love - Doris Day #trippersipod Have I said recently how much I fucking love Doris Day? 'Cause I really do. She's so great.5:07 PM Aug 21st from TwitterBerry

beckyjomamaINtroducing my girls to Calamity Jane ... never too young to learn the wonder that is Doris Day!8:24 AM Aug 21st from TweetDeck

OperaSinger123I love Doris Day with all my heart :)10:30 PM Aug 20th from TwitterFon

InnerBratOh Doris Day, how much do I love you?2:59 PM Aug 20th from TwitterFox

jennalynsAnyone else having a weird day? Anyone else listening to Doris Day to help shake it off?11:46 AM Aug 20th from TweetDeck

[email protected] Another guilty pleasure is Doris Day. Her movies from 60s were fabulous fun.9:00 PM Aug 19th from TweetDeck

richvanvoorstWhy doesn't anyone sing like Doris Day anymore?" onclick=";return false; AM Aug 19th from TwitterFon

dengnycis reading Doris Day: The Untold Story of the Girl Next Door by David Kaufman and owns a copy of it -" onclick=";return false; PM Aug 17th from weread

NellieMcKayFanMusicRemedy: Nellie McKay album 'Normal As Blueberry Pie - A Tribute To Doris Day'" onclick=";return false; PM Aug 17th from web

RimaDarlinI LOVE DORIS DAY - such a beautiful old acter6:57 AM Aug 17th from web

tammygambledoris day is actually amazing11:30 AM Aug 15th from mobile web

minakorahlI am a Doris Day fan, FYI. She is just lovely.10:55 AM Aug 15th from TwitterFox

OhJaymePhoto: Dear Doris Day, I want to be you in every way possible. Love, me" onclick=";return false; PM Aug 14th from Tumblr

[email protected] I'm on it! Can I admit I am a huge Doris Day fan too.1:28 PM Aug 14th from web

themoneygirlRT @LoriMoreno Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty ~Doris Day6:38 AM Aug 12th from Power Twitter

FashioncoreRight, early night for me. Going to bed with a Doris Day film Oh how I love Doris.3:39 PM Aug 10th from web

[email protected] Fun! I met Doris Day once. She lives near my hometown.2:40 PM Aug 10th from TweetDeck

[email protected] You are, dear sir, the 3rd most splendid person hailing from the Americalands I have encountered (1st=Doris Day 2nd=first boyfriend)12:15 PM Aug 10th from web

[email protected] Sounds like a great time! I love Doris Day, and I'm sure that I would love stories about seeing her as well! :D6:31 AM Aug 9th from txt

CakePirateDoris Day will fix it, The Windy City (Calamity Jane):" onclick=";return false; PM Aug 8th from web

TalandAcaciaListening to all the classics with Grammie, and as we listened to Doris Day, Grammie shared the time she saw her in the hallway. Awesome!5:13 PM Aug 7th from TwitterBerry

Lady410Doris Day is my Personal Jesus!12:33 PM Aug 2nd from TwitterBerry

Bookey1226Drinking game to the best movie ever Calamity Jane w/ my great aunt Doris Day!9:10 PM Jul 30th from TweetDeck

konanutOne #lameclaim to fame? How about the oldest? Mom was Doris Day's son's nurse when he creamed his bike out near Hemet in the 70's.12:04 PM Jul 22nd from web

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Re: Doris Day on Twitter

Unread post by BabeWilliams »

Thanks for sharing Lauren. I've been thinking of joining twitter. I doubt anyone would follow me, but there's a few people I'd like to follow.. Like Linda Gray!
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Re: Doris Day on Twitter

Unread post by chele_belle »

I'd follow you! lol

I'm on twitter and have never thought to search for Doris comments on there. Thanks for the tip! :)

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Lauren Benjamin
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Re: Doris Day on Twitter

Unread post by Lauren Benjamin »

There is something about Doris every day when I *search* for Doris Day. It's a pick-me-up to read the positive comments about her every day.

You don't have to follow any one and no one has to follow you.


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