Nellie Mckay - GOOD FOR DORIS!

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Nellie Mckay - GOOD FOR DORIS!

Unread post by howard »

It seems like the new Nellie McKay album, "Normal as Blueberry Pie," a tribute to Doris Day, is opening up a new audience for Doris's singing. According to, her cd "Golden Girl" is number 655 on their best-sellers' list. That's the highest I've ever seen any cd of hers, excluding the Christmas album, to date. Wouldn't it be great if there were a resurgence of her music ... I can dream, can't I?
Like Irene Dunne done.

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Re: Nellie Mckay - GOOD FOR DORIS!

Unread post by John M »

It may not be a dream Howard. This is exactly the kind of thing that can expose her catalogue to new and/or young listeners.

I've heard snippets of each song. It's fun. I'll probably get it.
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Re: Nellie Mckay - GOOD FOR DORIS!

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Thanks for the info, Howard.

I think Doris is influencing her in more ways than one. :wink: Check it out on her MySpace site:
"Even with birthdays separated by 60 years and 10 days, entertainers Nellie McKay and Doris Day are cut from the same cloth. The two share a passion for animal rights, a sunny gosh–gee–swell positivity and a love for the Great American Songbook—as well as a depth, complexity and progressivism that belies the toothy grins for which both are known."
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Re: Nellie Mckay - GOOD FOR DORIS!

Unread post by chele_belle »

I may just be being a sourpuss (I've had a bad day!), but I find her voice really nasally and can't listen to her for any length of time. I can appreciate that she may introduce a few new fans to Doris's music, but I'd much rather just listen to Doris sing the songs! lol

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