Hi everyone - I'm back

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Lauren Benjamin
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Hi everyone - I'm back

Unread post by Lauren Benjamin »

A great big "hi everyone" to all. It's been a lone time, but things have happened with me such as moving a couple of times. I'm glad to be back "home" and hope that you all are well and happy.

Some of you might know that after Doris' 90th birthday party I made a video of it and it is on YouTube. I watched the numbers of people who wanted to look at it grow and grow with happiness but lost track when things in my life became cumbersome and short of time.

There were many people who belonged to Google+ who watched the movie and some who made comments that I received through email. I'd like to share those comments with you all because there are very lovely and serious heartfelt remarks about Doris that I think you would enjoy reading.

I'm told by my friend Mary Anne that I have almost a MILLION....YES, A MILLION people who have watched the video. I thanked her for telling me that because I haven't had time to keep track. So, as we go along, I should have 1 or 2 comments to bring to Bryan's forum for you all to read and enjoy.

Again - it's good to be back here at the Forum and to "see" you all and read your comments again.

My best to you all,

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Re: Hi everyone - I'm back

Unread post by melancholy »

We will check this out Lauren!!
As we journey under our individual umbrella's,we should not forget we all share the same sky.Doris Day

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Re: Hi everyone - I'm back

Unread post by Jas1 »

Welcome back [home] Lauren. Great to see you back. :P

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Re: Hi everyone - I'm back

Unread post by jmichael »

Welcome back, Lauren, nice to know that you are doing well.

Michael H

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Peter Flapper
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Re: Hi everyone - I'm back

Unread post by Peter Flapper »

Hi Lauren,

Welcome back and enjoy your stay!!!


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Re: Hi everyone - I'm back

Unread post by puck »

Welcome back dear Lauren, glad your are back again !!!!!!

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