Top 5 Favourite Doris Day Film Screenplays

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Top 5 Favourite Doris Day Film Screenplays

Unread post by Johnny »

The film screenplay is the backbone of the film that creates the story for the cast and crew to use their skills to make a memorable film. Doris Day shone in all of her 39 films she made and many screenplays brought out the best of her talent whether the films were musicals, comedies or dramas. Several of the screenplays did not serve her or the audience well.

My top 5 favourite Doris Day film screenplays are:

1. Love Me or Love Me - Screenplay by Daniel Fuchs, Isobel Lennart, Story by Daniel Fuchs who also wrote the screenplay for Storm Warning with Richard Brooks.

2. The Man Who Knew Too Much - Screenplay by John Michael Hayes, Angus McPhail; Story by Charles Bennett, D.B. Wyndham-Lewis

3. Teacher's Pet - Screenplay by Faye and Michael Kanin

4. The Pajama Game - Screenplay by George Abbot and Richard Bissel

5.Billy Rose's Jumbo -Screenplay by Sidney Sheldon

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Re: Top 5 Favourite Doris Day Film Screenplays

Unread post by Jas1 »

1. Love me or leave me.

2. The man who knew too much.

3. Teacher's Pet.

4. Pillow Talk.

5. Lover come back.

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Re: Top 5 Favourite Doris Day Film Screenplays

Unread post by jmichael »

These correlate to my favorite films.

Love Me Or Leave Me

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Pillow Talk

The Thrill Of It All

Lover Come Back

I would rate Jumbo!, Pajama Game, Calamity Jane and Teacher's Pet right up there too.
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