How many?

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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How many?

Unread post by helen1985 » 30 Jan 2007, 19:36

Im going to start collecting Doris CDs and I want to get them in Order... but I dont actually know how many there are.. official studio albums that she released, not including compilations. I especially want the Love album, and the musik to watch girls by, are they later albums?

Does Doris have anything to do with Compilations that are released and the songs that goes on them? as I have found what seems like millions of "Doris Days greatest hits" albums.. and I obviously cant get them all. so I wanted to know which are official from Doris' record company (Was it Warners?) and which are other companys that have just compiled songs to sell on a CD?


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