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Re: Kiss Me Again Stranger

Unread post by Ralph » 22 Mar 2007, 15:41

webmaster wrote:Kiss Me Again Stranger

This is for Ralph - or more accurately, from Ralph, as he sent it to me.

Great song! 8)

I think that this song would have been perfect in "Pillow Talk" after Day met Hudson. It's such a beautiful tune and the orchestration is wonderful ... those strings are just like fluffy clouds floating above. Doris Day's vocal is flawless, as usual. The only thing, I don't like the picture you chose for the page. She looks rather plain-Jane-ish.

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Unread post by webmaster » 22 Mar 2007, 19:12

Yes, Ralph. that idea would have worked beautifully and I agree about the photo! I'd never seen it before and I did think it looked a bit like one of those awful photos you had to have taken by a local photographer for some reason or another back in the dark ages. But because it was our Doris and I just came across it I used it, but you are right it's the wrong photo for that beautiful song.

But thanks for introducing it to me/us to it - I'd never heard it before.
What a difference a Day makes...

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