Doris songs from dayniac

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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Doris songs from dayniac

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Possess Me: Doris and Rock :lol: ... re=related

Secret Love: The one and only Doris ...............

Somewhere Over The Rainbow:I think Doris can sing this better than anyone. I love Judy's version - but, Doris nails it, too...for me, they tie as the best versions.

I Speak To The Stars: Lucky Me scene. ... re=related

Anything You Can Do: Doris and Robert Goulet --with a cute video -- looks like she's having fun!!

April in Paris: Doris singing with scenes of Paris...wish they were Doris pics. Beautiful rendition by Doris.

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps:. No video - just the song.
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Great song [great video montage too]!
Frank DeVol wrote an amazing score to the movie.

I love the car drive scene too. Doris looks classy and
stunning and Rock... well he's the jackpot!

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