I Have Dreamed Album

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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I Have Dreamed Album

Unread post by Johnny »

Listening to Doris Day sing on the magnificent I Have Dreamed Album is an ethereal experience. It appears the arrangement of the songs on the album tells a love story. Beginning with, I Believe In Dreams, followed by, I'll Buy That Dream which leads to My Ship and on to All I Do Is Dream of You.

An incredible version of When I Grow Too Old To Dreams follows, that has the line, "That Kiss Will Live In My Heart". Doris' exquisite vocals gives such depth to the song(s). It is truly a heartfelt moving experience. I hope Doris is experiencing these same tender feelings now that she recorded then.

An interesting comment from Richard Rogers on the I Have Dreamed song was that Doris' and James Harbert,( orchestra director) was the most beautiful rendition of his song he had ever heard.
A personal favourite of mine is the song, "We'll Love Again". I love the line, "We'll Love Again, I Can't Tell You Now where or When". The album concludes with the touching Time To Say Goodnight

The I Have Dreamed Album was released August 14, 1961. Fifty-four years later this album is still a classic gift that needs to heard. Doris' voice on I Have Dreamed, is as close to heaven as one can get.

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Re: I Have Dreamed Album

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I agree. Her gift for projecting the emotion within a lyric is on full display here. There's a directness too. Doris understood that when the material is strong, she didn't need to embellish it.

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Re: I Have Dreamed Album

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Way back in 2002 when I was "young", I reviewed this album which had been released on a CD along with "What Every Girl Should Know". What I felt about "I Have Dreamed" some 13 1/2 years ago, is even more true today.

By Paul Brogan on January 30, 2002
Format: Audio CD
The double CD featuring the vocal expertise of Doris Day, "What Every Girl Should Know" and "I Have Dreamed" is yet another example of how skilled Day had become by the early 60's, after 20 years of singing professionally.
In particular "I Have Dreamed" allows the listener to hear Day perform a decidedly mixed bag featuring songs by Kurt Weill,, Noel Coward, Sigmund Romberg and Richard Rodgers, among others.
Day's treatment of the title song moved composer Rodgers so much that he penned a fan letter to her declaring her version of the number from "The King and I", the best he'd ever heard.
"What Every Girl Should Know" features a decidedly mellow Doris Day, from the title song, through a very fine "Mood Indigo", an exquisite "Something Wonderful" and even a moving religious-based number, "The Everlasting Arms" with lyrics by Day's Christian Science Practitioner, Martin Broonees, husband of thee inimitable, long-legged delight, Charlotte Greenwood.
Day's take on "What's The Use of Wond'rin" from "Carousel" is more upbeat than renditions of this song usually are, but it works.
My personal favorite of the two albums contained herein is the aforementioned "I Have Dreamed". Doris Day's purity of tone and heartfelt warmth are so clearly in evidence. In particular her singing of Coward's hauntingly beautiful, "Someday I'll Find You" from "Private Lives" is flawless.
"My Ship" from Weill's "Lady in the Dark" is another highpoint from this collection as well as the title track and "When I Grow Too Old to Dream".
Other memorable moments include "You Stepped Out of a Dream" from MGM's "Ziegfeld Girl" as well as "All I Do is Dream of You" from another MGM film of the 30's.
Some of Doris Day's finest recordings were done in the 1960's, displaying a variety of styles that she had not indulged in during the 1940's and 50's. It certainly makes one wish that instead of virtually ending her singing career in 1967, she had continued to record.
By the time you've finished listening to this very pleasurable hour of music, you'll be convinced that what this particular girl knows is how to deliver a song that'll leave you dreaming!

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Re: I Have Dreamed Album

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Very well written, Paul !

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Re: I Have Dreamed Album

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Hi there,

It's a little too soon, but wintertime is on it's way: and time for me to put on the "I Have Dreamed Album". I love to listen to this album on a cold dark night, snuggeld on my couch/sofa with a warm blanket, candles and a nice glass of wine. Dreamin' with Doris behind me. Listening to her great interpretations of these beautiful songs. It brings me in a romantic mood, Always! (I mostly combine this album with the Love Album/With Love album)


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