Latin For Lovers- Summer Has Gone

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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Latin For Lovers- Summer Has Gone

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Yesterday the Doris Day Latin For Lovers album was playing during dinner when my friend said to stop and listen to Summer Has Gone. She almost broke into tears. She said that this song beautifully captures the lost love of a summer love affair. She wondered if Summer Has Gone was given the recognition it deserves as a great summer love song. Here are the magnificent lyrics:

Seagulls Cries On Rain -Swept Beaches
Tear-Washed Eyes and Pain Love Teaches,
Reminding, Summer Has Gone

Empty Lovers' Lanes Are Lonely,
Bitter Sweet Refrains Will Only
Remind Me, Summer Has Gone

Summer's A Dance And Sing Time
To Lovely songs of Springtime,
But Autumn Comes
To Steal The Joy Away

Crocus Buds Closed With Frost Now
Summer Time Has Lovers Lost Now,
The Sweet Dreams Faded and Grey

Though Autumn Flaming Colours May Blind You,
Tears Will Fill Your Eyes To Remind You
Love Has Flown and Summer Has Gone

Summer Has Gone
Summer Has Gone
The song was composed by William Comstock and Gene Di Novi

p.s. We all forgot about dinner and talked at length about Summer Has Gone.

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Re: Latin For Lovers- Summer Has Gone

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Great story and there's nothing better than to see a tune delivered by a great singer bring a tear to someone's eye - the sure sign of a fine performance that comes from knowing.

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