Terry Melcher's early career

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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Terry Melcher's early career

Unread post by Musiclover » 09 Dec 2016, 12:54

FYI: There's a comprehensive 8-part article on spectropop.com about Terry Melcher, which includes background information in part 5 about a few of the recordings he produced for Doris.

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Re: Terry Melcher's early career

Unread post by Peter Flapper » 09 Dec 2016, 13:05

Hi Musiclover,

Thanks for pointing out that article, it has been on the forum before, but nevertheless it's interesting to read again. Through that article I learned more about Terry's musical career and I found a lot of his music on YouTube and also the duet Terry had with is mom (These Days)
A direct link:

Enjoy reading and listening tot Terry's music, I like it.


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