Jack Kirkwood Shows

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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Peter Flapper
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Jack Kirkwood Shows

Unread post by Peter Flapper » 16 Oct 2017, 14:53

Hi all,

Still looking for two of the four 1946 Jack Kirkwood Shows. And found them... but...

Is there anyone around here member from/on a site called www.sperdvac.com? I would love to hear these rare shows, but you have to be an American to be a member... And I'm not. So maybe one of our American friends will help. Are knows someone who could help, please contact me.

Found them on a site called Sperdvac

Number: 610-1 THE JACK KIRKWOOD SHOW 7/8/1946 (CBS) Features Lillian Leigh, Jim Backus, Gloria Blondell w, Billy Gray, Gene Lavelle, Doris Day (vocalist). Music by Lud Gluskin's Orchestra. Jimmy Wallington announces. Written by Jay Sommers, directed by Paul Franklin. 30_mins.

Number: 1268-2 THE JACK KIRKWOOD SHOW 9/1/1946 (CBS) Stars Jack Kirkwood, Lillian Leigh, Bill Grey, John Brown w/ Gloria Blondell, Dick Ryan. Vocals by Doris Day. Music by Lud Gluskin. Art Gilmore announces. (Recorded form damaged transcription discs.) 30_mins.

I wrote a nice mail to the site, but they nicely wrote back it wasn't possible to become a member.
Hi Peter,

The CD Lending Library is only available to SPERDVAC members in the USA. We do not offer anything in mp3 format, only Audio CD.

Take care,

Hope someone has an clue how to get these shows...

Love to hear from you,


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texas gonzalo
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Re: Jack Kirkwood Shows

Unread post by texas gonzalo » 17 Oct 2017, 22:33

Hi Peter, the SPERDVAC site you wrote about has quite a library of old radio shows. Besides the two you mentioned, there are two more Jack Kirkwood Shows (#115-2 and 2991-2.) The first one dates back to 8 July 1946 and the second to 12 October 1946. The 115-2 is a 30 minute show and the other one is a 15 minute show.
I also located The Sweeney and March Show from 12 October 1946 which is listed under 1634-2 and is a 30 minute show. Obtaining the CDs is a bit complicated. First one has to become a member of the organization after paying a $20 fee. After that you can ask on loan up to 5 CDs for a nominal fee of $6. The CDs are on loan for 30 days and have to be returned in good condition. The borrowed material are provided with restrictions from the owners, coyright holders and other organizations which require certain limitation on their use. A copy cannot be made for sale, rent, loan, broadcast, distribution, online streaming, or other commercial of non-commercial use.
There are other Jack Kirkwood Shows listed, but I am not aware that these shows featured Doris Day.
Thank you for another exciting find. Hope this helps, Happy Days, Texas Gonzalo

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Peter Flapper
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Re: Jack Kirkwood Shows

Unread post by Peter Flapper » 18 Oct 2017, 11:31

Hi Texas,

Thanks again, for your reply, there are four Jack Kirkwood Shows known with Doris (information:http://otrsite.com/logs/logj1033.htm), but the two mentioned in my earlier post aren't available elsewhere, at this time. I read an on: http://www.google.nl/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=& ... xYy86NJA4j it's a PDF file.

At the page at: 414 Les Brown July 1946
Doris Day, ex-vocalist with Les Brown's orchestra, will be the subject of a concentrated buildup by CBS. Her initial chore is. a spot on the new Jack Kirkwood show, Monday at 9:30 p.m., originating in Hollywood program teed of Monday (8). Brown's orchestra, which Miss Day left before it started on a string of one-nighters west toward a July 23 opening at the Palladium Ballroom, Hollywood, now has Ann Russell temporarily in the vocal spot. Miss Day may rejoin the band for the Palladium run onl
1946-08-05 The Jack Kirkwood Show "The Concert Pianist"
1946-09-30 (29) The Jack Kirkwood Show "At The Movies"

The Sweeney and March show is the Dreamers rehearsal that can be found on more OTR sites.
1946-10-12 Sweeney and March

Hope to find these shows, just to get the legacy of Doris know online!

Also it's a tribute to Jack Kirkwood to find these shows. We don't talk much about OTR here. But Jack and Doris worked for years together on different shows:
1946 The Jack Kirkwood Show
1946/1947 Rudy Vallee Show
1948/1949/1950 The Bob Hope Show
1952/1953 The Doris Day Radio Show


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