Music historian Ken Bloom re: Doris

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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Music historian Ken Bloom re: Doris

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Found a terrific book in a thrift store today called "The American Songbook" by music historian Ken Bloom. He has this to say about Doris: "She was one of America's finest singers and actresses. As an excellent band singer, she had poise and pluck. She also could handle the most bluesy of ballads. She sang with depth and intimacy, had a wonderful tone and a great sense of rhythm. She had it all." Bloom names "Day by Day" and "Day by Night" as DD's best Columbia albums, while lamenting what he calls "Mitch Miller's career abuse."

He wrote, "The slings Day suffered in show business hurt us [too], as we were denied the talents of someone who might have had a remarkable career rebirth."

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Re: Music historian Ken Bloom re: Doris

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Interesting that he points out the Mitch Miller impact. I've always felt that the novelty songs did her great harm even though they were popular at the time. Que Sera Sera, although it was a huge commercial hit and became her signature song, did her no favors among serious music critics or followers. Much like the unfair virgin label that was attached to her in the mid-sixties, Que Sera Sera was something she had to live down.

Doris was meant to sing ballads and swing tunes in my opinion. Her natural gift for acting though song, interpreting a lyric, and her intimate phrasing are what make albums like Day By Day, Day By Night, and Duet so memorable.

Jusy, thank you for posting this wonderful appreciation of her talent.

Michael H

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Re: Music historian Ken Bloom re: Doris

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Hi Judy,

Thanks for finding this "tribute" good to read!


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Re: Music historian Ken Bloom re: Doris

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Thanks for this. :)

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Re: Music historian Ken Bloom re: Doris

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Thank you Musiclover for posting music historian Ken Bloom's comments on Doris' singing..

I agree that the novelty songs of the period were beneath Doris' magnificent talent as a vocalist. Doris recorded How Lovely Cooks The Meat which would demean any serious vocalist.

Thinking about the brilliant albums Doris recorded, these stand the test of time and are equal or superior to any of Doris' contemporaries:

Love Me or Leave Me
Day By Day
Day By Night
The Pajama Game
Hooray For Hollywood
Show Time
I Have Dreamed
Duet with Andre Previn
Doris Day and Robert Goulet Sing Annie Get Your Gun (rarely discussed)
The Christmas Album
Latin For Lovers
The Love Album

These superior Doris Day recording are a timeless legacy that will live forever. If her recording work is not being studied as a master class in music and voice in university music courses, it needs to be. How many of present day music artists are familiar with Doris' legendary work?

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