Doris Day's Singing Teacher- Grace Raine

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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Doris Day's Singing Teacher- Grace Raine

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In David Kaufman's book, Doris Day, The Untold Story of The Girl Next Door there is interesting information on the beginning of Doris' singing career.
In 1938, Doris had her breakthrough in a career that would take her back to Hollywood as a warbler by making her singing debut at Charlie Yee's Shanghai Inn, a second -floor Cantonese restaurant on East Fifth Street in downtown Cincinnati.She was still on crutches and earning $5.00 a night.

Alma further encouraged her daughter's newfound singing ambitions by taking her to vocal coach Grace Raine. As recalled by Day and Raine, their meeting was facilitated by Danny Engel, a song plugger .....who was a friend of Alma's.At first Raine refused to take Doris on. When she heard Doris sing, she told Alma: "It would be a waste of both my time and yours for Doris to take singing lessons. Frankly, and don't think me unkind, Doris just hasn't any talent".
Later when she changed her.mind, she was amazed by her student's progress.
It was the persistence of Alma who took her daughter once again to Raine, who finally changed her mind and accepted Doris as a pupil.

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