Doris Day -Day Time On The Radio CD -2017

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Doris Day -Day Time On The Radio CD -2017

Unread post by Johnny »

I have been playing for the last two days my new CD that I ordered from Amazon, Doris Day -Day Time on The Radio. The weekly radio show was hosted in front of a live CBS studio audience.

I can't say enough good things about this collection of lost radio duets from the Doris Day Show -1952-1953. It truly truly surprising, delightful and immensely enjoyable. There are many comedic moments sprinkled between the sings.

There is an information booklet giving background information on Doris and all the songs on the cd. There are several wonderful photos to enjoy.

These are the duet partners singing with Doris.
Doris Day -show opening (It's Magic)
Howard Keel
Gordon MacRae
Van Johnson
Broderick Crawford an Don Wilson
Dan Dailey
Tony Martin
Kirk Douglas
John Agar
Alan Young
Donald O'Connor
Ronald Reagan and Bob Crosby
Jack Smith
Frank Loesser
Marais and Miranda
George Jessel
Walter O' Keefe
David Wayne
David Butler
Don Wilson
George Murphy
Jimmy Boyd
Jack Kirkwood and Don Wilson
Doris Day solo Till I Waltz Again With You

Song List:

It's Magic
A Wooin' We Will Go
The Love Nest
You're Just In Love
Ma Says, Pa Says - Broderick Crawford & Don Wilson
If Life Were Peaches and Cream
Red Hot Henry Brown
I Will Marry You
By The Light of The Silvery Moon
A Kiss Like This
Merrily Song
Take Me Out To The Ballgame
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
Tea For Two
We're In Love
My Darling, My Darling
Around The Corner
Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie
Little By Little
Something Sort of Grandish
You're My Peaches and Cream
I'll Be Seeing You
Ma Says, Pa Says -Marais & Miranda & Gordon MacRae
I'm Gonna Mend My Fences
Cuddle Up A Little Closer
Till We Meet Again
Jungle Bells
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Love To Be With You (Doris Day Radio Show Closing)
Till I Waltz Again With You

If any of the Doris Day Forum Members have heard this collection, I would love to know your thoughts on this CD.

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Re: Doris Day -Day Time On The Radio CD -2017

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Hi Johnny,

I have this cd too and I like it a lot, but I wished they had the complete shows restored. There are some lovely songs and I really love "A Wooing We Go with Howard Keel, "The Love Nest" with Gordon MacRae and "Something Sort Of Grandish" with David Wayne. Would love to hear an un interrupted version of: "I'll Be Seeing You" by the way! Although I like the way Doris and David Wayne go through the songs.

But it's great the "lost" songs are back again. Hope we'll find more of those lost music, there is much more in the vaults. Songs with Doris and Les Brown from 1940-1946 from live radio (Like Someone In Love, Somewhere In The Night, If You Were There, You May Not Love Me, I've Never Forgotten, Whatta You Gonna Do?), songs from The Bob Hope Show (A Tree In The Meadow a.o.) "Strawberry Moon" by Doris Day & Buddy Clark
Below some rare transcription discs... maybe one Day... we will find them:
WBS 596 - Les Brown & Doris Day
WBS 633 - Les Brown & Doris Day
WBS 645 - Les Brown & Doris Day
WPS 699 - Les Brown & Doris Day
WPS 7899-7903 - Les Brown & Doris Day

Here are some complete Doris Day radio shows: ... series=The Doris Day Show

Most of the songs are with Doris, her guest and a piano. For the Doris Day Show where also transcriptions made with Van Alexander and his orchestra and Paige Cavanaugh and his trio. Most of these songs are around now. I just have to find: "What Every Girl Should Know" from these sessions.



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Re: Doris Day -Day Time On The Radio CD -2017

Unread post by Johnny »

Thank you so much Peter for your thoughtful and informative reply.

The quality of sound on the remastering of the songs on Doris Day -Day on the Radio is excellent. I was really struck by the beautiful tones in Gordon MacRae's voice on The Love Nest, By The Light of The Silvery Moon, and Cuddle Up A Little Closer and Till We Meet Again.

I was surprised to hear Kirk Douglas singing Red Hot Henry Brown with Doris as well as Broderick Crawford singing We're In Love. He usually played such tough characters in movies.

I really enjoyed the Merrily, Merrily duet with Doris and Donald O'Connor. I would have loved them to star in a musical together. They both generate a great deal of charisma.

I also would like to hear all the lost songs from the Bob Hope shows and any other lost songs.

Thank you for posting the photos of the rare transcription discs. I will try to find some of the songs on them.

I searched You Tube to find Strawberry Moon sung by Doris but was unsuccessful. However I was surprised to discover a video of Doris singing Moon Song. It is a beautiful sensuous song.

I forgot to comment on how beautiful the photo of Doris is on the cover of Doris Day -Day Time on The Radio. I love the soft turquoise blue colour and Doris wearing the Irish green scarf with her blond hair glistening in the sunlight. So beautiful!
Thanks again Peter.

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