1985 Doris Day's Best Friends

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1985 Doris Day's Best Friends

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Hi all,

Found on internet a dvd with clips from 1985 Doris Day's Best Friends. I didn't edit anything, so it's the way it is. Terry was Doris producer and sings on many of the songs.

Doris Day's Best Friends part 1:

Doris Day & Steve Reid, Rock Hudson, Martin (dog), Les Brown and bandmembers a.o.
Doris sings: My Buddy, Sentimental Journey

Doris Day's Best Friends part 2:

Doris Day & Robbie Benson, Dr. Tom Kendall, Biggest, Joan Fontaine with Fang & Fury(dogs), Norman Guis
Doris sings: Make It Big, My Heart, Stewball

Doris Day's Best Friends part 4:

Doris Day & Howard Keel, Biggest, Mickey Gilly & Barney Day (dog), Dr. Tom Kendall, Steve Reid
Doris sings: I Can Do Without You (& Howard Keel), Best Friends, intro, Wildfire

Enjoy it, don't know how long it will be up on YouTube...

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Re: 1985 Doris Day's Best Friends

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Thanks for sharing these videos, Peter. They're wonderful! (By the way, the Steve ? in part 1 was Steve Reid, who passed away last year.)

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Re: 1985 Doris Day's Best Friends

Unread post by ray »

Nice seeing the cable tv series again. Wish we could track down the episode when Doris was window shopping in Carmel with Tony Bennett singing Once Upon A Time in the background. These should be on DVD to raise funds for the animal foundation. If only Doris and Ryan could enjoy these together with the happy days when they all where on this show. The music videos are top notch and Terry sings in many of them.

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Re: 1985 Doris Day's Best Friends

Unread post by jmichael »


Thank you so much for posting these videos. I had only seen snippets from this series and hadn't seen the entire Rock Hudson appearance until now. Needless to say, that show just about put me away. It's very emotional and I love the way they used My Buddy as the theme song. The other videos are wonderful too, especially, her reunion with the Les Brown orchestra and the interview with Joan Fontaine.

Cheers and thanks again,
Michael H

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Re: 1985 Doris Day's Best Friends

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I'm still so surprised that this show hasn't been released yet. Does anyone know anybody that has all the episodes? I hope someday the foundation will release this. I enjoyed so much those clips, Peter! Thank you so very much! :D :D
It's a wonderful day for Doris Day <3
- Dominique

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