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Re: Booklist for DayReaders

Posted: 16 Sep 2019, 13:55
by Peter Flapper
Hi Howard & Johnny,

Thank you both for your reply's. Will search for these books soon. They sound interesting. Got the photo from Facebook Howard, a nice one. MM & DD in one shot... Never thought that should happen. And now it's there.


Re: Booklist for DayReaders

Posted: 18 Sep 2019, 18:18
by docwheels
You can find a copy of the picture of Marilyn Monroe at the November 1954 wrap party for
The Seven Year Itch - with Doris dancing in the background - at ... popup=true

Getty also has another picture of Doris from this party at the table talking to Charles Vidor and sitting across from George Burns, at ... popup=true.

The book "The Goddess and the Girl Next Door" describes Doris this way, "She spent a large part of the evening with Charles Vidor, discussing the film they were making at MGM, Love Me or Leave Me."

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Posted: 19 Sep 2019, 05:03
by Jas1
Wow thanks for these, what gems. :D :idea: :idea: :idea:

Re: Booklist for DayReaders

Posted: 19 Sep 2019, 09:31
by Johnny
Thank you so much docwheels . Every photo tells a story and these pictures confirm Doris and Marilyn attended the same party.

Terrific photos!

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Posted: 20 Sep 2019, 11:28
by howard
I believe they also attended at least one Golden Globes event on the same evening. Don't know if there was any interaction.

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Posted: 25 Sep 2019, 22:30
by Musiclover
Just finished reading a book by Sam Trust titled "Would You Trust This Man with Your Songs?", subtitled "A Life in Music Business." Sam Trust is a semi-retired music publisher who lives in Carmel, and his book is a collection of stories only an industry insider would be able to tell. All 10 reviewers of it on Amazon give it 5 stars. I agree with 5 stars for its content -- but not for its proofreading or editing!

At any rate, Mr. Trust has spent over 50 years in the music business with various publishers and labels. After Terry's death, he began handling -- and is still handling -- the procurement of royalties from all of the songs in Doris's music catalogue, as well as from all of her movies. He devotes 2 chapters (about 10 pages) to his experiences, which have included persuading an unnamed studio to pay royalties that they had withheld from her over a period of 32 years. (The result was a payment of $110,000.)

He writes about the sales figures for her My Heart album, and says that his favorite of all her albums is Duet. He describes Doris as a "profoundly great vocalist and interpreter of songs," saying that her work should be considered "one of the most significant contributions to the Great American Songbook." In addition to details about the business part of his association with Doris, he mentions her great sense of humor and some other personality traits. He concludes by saying that it is a joy for him to represent her.

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Posted: 26 Sep 2019, 10:48
by howard
Thanks for that interesting quote, Musiclover.

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Posted: 26 Sep 2019, 15:53
by Johnny
Thank you so much Music lover for the information on Sam Trust's book, "Would You Trust This Man With Your Songs?" I am keen to read it.

I don't t recall seeing Sam Trust mentioned in any books on Doris.

I really appreciate his remarks on Doris' as a vocal artist.

Thank you again.

Re: Booklist for DayReaders

Posted: 27 Sep 2019, 11:39
by Musiclover
You're welcome, Johnny. I think Sam Trust is someone whose work is done behind the scenes, and so that's why his name isn't commonly known to people outside the music industry. I had not heard of him, either, until I read a comment from him about Doris in the Carmel newspaper recently. There is no index in his book, but it contains short stories about his experiences with many songwriters and singers from various eras. Among those who come to mind at the moment are the Everly Brothers, Kenny Rogers, the Beatles (and Yoko Ono). I enjoyed the wry humor in Trust's writing.

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Posted: 18 Jan 2020, 11:34
by Johnny
I am now reading My "Secret Love" Affair With Doris Day by Michael De Vita. It is a true testament to a fan's love for Doris Day. I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this book. There are many moments when readers who love Doris can relate to how the events and memories in the author's childhood are connected to the admiration and affection for Doris Day. Many Doris Day Forum members have shared similar experiences.

One particular event in author Michael De Vita's life jumped out at me. He wrote that his mother died when he was five years old. Similarly I lost my mom when I was young. In retrospect I think Doris' warmth and radiance in her films and music were a magnetic life force that attracted me to her as well.

The book states Michael De Vita is a former teacher of thirty-three years of English and Theatre Arts. He is presently a novice webmaster for a site called "SAMPOD4U.COM", which is 70% devoted to his favourite lady. It was his love for Doris Day that motivated him to write and dedicate this book to her. It was published in 2012.

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Posted: 18 Jan 2020, 13:15
by mikeydv
Thanks, Johnny. I am glad you are enjoying the book. It was a real pleasure for me to write it. I sent it to Doris and her managers first for their approval and got the ok before it was published. And you should also know that all profits from the sale of the book go directly to the Doris Day Animal Foundation.
I am no longer an active webmaster, but the site I now monitor online is called "", where you will find a lot of information on Doris. There are also two sites on facebook: "songsandmemories" and "My secret love affair with Doris Day".
I am trying to download a lot of her music on youtube and facebook for others to enjoy. I feel very lucky to say that I have all of her available music in my collection and listen to it all the time.
It goes without saying that she has been a large part of most of my life. Anyone who knows me knows that I love DD!

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Posted: 20 Jan 2020, 20:40
by Johnny
Mikeydv, it is really refreshing reading your book that illustrates the importance of Doris Day, her music and films on the personal life of a fan.

While growing up my dad had many of Doris Day's albums and played them frequently. I still have these original albums. My mom would sing Secret Love around the house and make dad laugh.

I have written before about going to the movies every Friday night as a family. Without fail when Doris Day movies came to town, my parents brothers and I were always in attendance. I especially remember all of us laughing out loud in the theater watching Move Over Darling. I treasure these memories. We thought of Doris Day as an extended family member. My dad always said, "Doris never disappoints". Your book captures many of these tender feelings.

Thank you for helping the Doris Day Animal Foundation. This is a beautiful tribute to Doris' important work.

I plan to visit your website " I am truly thankful for all your wonderful work in recognizing Doris Day. She has made our world a better place.

Like you, I will always love Doris Day.

Thank you.

Re: Booklist for DayReaders

Posted: 03 Apr 2020, 14:16
by doris-day-fan
Happy Birthday dear Doris - thanks for the memories - enjoy my story which came out today... ... l-journey/

Love & Miss you dear Doris...xo

Mary Anne