Leonard Maltin's comments about Doris

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Leonard Maltin's comments about Doris

Unread post by Musiclover » 15 Jan 2019, 12:55

I stumbled across a column film critic/historian Leonard Maltin wrote about Doris in 2010 and wanted to share it, even though it's not current. See it at leonardmaltin.com/doris-day-speaks.

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Re: Leonard Maltin's comments about Doris

Unread post by jmichael » 16 Jan 2019, 07:21

I remember listening to this interview a few years ago.

What strikes me now is how unconnected to show business Doris was. She was never bitten by the stardom bug and considered it a job. It was a job she enjoyed but the joy came more from the experience and the people, not the fame aspect. Having just finished Todd Fisher's memoir about life with mother Debbie Reynolds, father Eddie Fisher and sister Carrie Fisher, I can tell you that Debbie and Doris were polar opposites. Debbie's entire life revolved around show business. She was happiest on a stage entertaining people. It was remarkable to read how much every award and accolade meant to Debbie. She craved recognition from her peers, whereas Doris couldn't care less.

Thanks for posting this Judy.

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