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Interesting article

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This is an interesting article - mainly talks about the studio system - Doris gets a mention. ... 306408.txt
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That was really interesting Toni...thanks for that :D

joe t.
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great comments

Unread post by joe t. »

From the Basinger article:

"indescribable pizzazz"

Why didn't I think of that?? It's perfect!


""Doris Day really has punch on screen," says Basinger. "She's unique. She can do it all . . ."

That's perfect too!

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Good post , Toni. I read excerpts from Basinger's book and she confirms, what we all know, that Doris had that undescribable star power or pizzazz.

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Great piece and so true when she says, talking about the films of Doris' era and before; "They knew how to be suggestive," says Basinger. "They were so skillful and they were so finely crafted and they were lean. These movies knew how to imply, suggest and move on."

It's all in your face now :oops: And great to read the comments about Doris - also so true! :wink:
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Super Bowl 2008

Unread post by Ralph »

Super Bowl Ads: Victoria's Secret Brings Cleavage to Super Sunday--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

By Ginger Marks
Feb 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday is more than just about some football game, it is about the Super Bowl Ads as well. From the Obama girl to the Go Daddy girl, to Victoria's Secret, the Super Bowl ads will deliver something for everyone and a whole lot of cleavage for the male viewing demographic. Sexy Adriana Lima will give men a choice between football and the bedroom holding up a football while Doris Day croons "I'm in the Mood for Love" in the Victoria's Secret spot.

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Unread post by howard »

Yes, Ralph, I've seen this Doris Day/Victoria's Secret connection made a couple of times, so I checked the video out on the VS web site, and THAT ISN'T DORIS SINGING! Don't know where they got that from!

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