Does Anyone Know of An OPERA CD Collector ?

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Does Anyone Know of An OPERA CD Collector ?

Unread post by TCMMovieFan »

This is probably a very odd request for a DD Forum but since it is under an OFF TOPICS thread then I figured it would be OK.
Does anyone know of an OPERA CD Collector ? Someone who has a massive library of very rare opera CDS ? Mainly hard-to-find recordings from the 1930's to the 70's ?
A few years back I came across some CDS with only the artists' names handwritten on the CDS themselves but minus the various credits, track listings, cast lists, et al.
There are about 8 titles and I would like to find someone who happens to own these recordings who would be kind enough to either photocopy or email me the corresponding information----------I would be perfectly willing to financially compensate them for their expense----which would not be too costly.
I am unemployed now for a long time and socially everything for me has come to a standstill and a grinding halt. I do not reside in a very friendly area and there is no decent 'socializing' and there are no clubs or organizations of interest.
It has been quite a few years and I have had to drift from my hobbies for various reasons. I thought it best to return to that which gives me pleasure and my request is basically a simple one.
I figured that it does not hurt to ask so Thanks For Reading !

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Re: Does Anyone Know of An OPERA CD Collector ?

Unread post by littlepinetree »

I find this a very interesting question since I am a professional musician! However, I'm a classical flutist and don't know that much about opera. However, I do have a suggestion. Do you live in a University town? I so, call the music department and ask for their opera department and I'm sure you can get a good answer there.
Good luck and please keep me posted. I would be interested. :D

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