Elizabeth Taylor has Passed Away

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Re: Elizabeth Taylor has Passed Away

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Paul - I agree entirely with what you have stated.

Elizabeth's passing has been handled correctly- no matter what the views are on how the deaths of the likes of Jane Russell and Betty Garrett were (2 wrongs don't make a right and all that)!

While I think there certainly should have been more media coverage of other deaths (Farrah too) - Liz was in a different celebrity league and in addition, her legacy (as noted) goes way beyond films with her magnificent advocacy and fund raising for AIDS/ HIV awareness and research - and ultimately - better acceptance.

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Re: Elizabeth Taylor has Passed Away

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I'm glad you enjoyed the Veronica Lake video!
Elizabeth Taylor sure was one of a kind! Something I read about her, she hated to be called Liz, so I try knowing this to call her Elizabeth!
Something else I read about Elizabeth Taylor (I'm not sure if I read this here or on facebook) When Elizabeth Taylor was a baby, it took her 10 days to open her eyes like a puppy or a kitten! Cute! :D

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