Do Not Disturb

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Re: Do Not Disturb

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I found this 2006 review by a Google user on Do Not Disturb that sums up the feelings of many Doris Day aficinados and there are many.

This personal review really effectively expresses the depth of affection and care of Doris Day fans.

"1My Favourite Doris Day Entrance"

"Doris Day's later films were routinely criticized by critics. However, as a fan, I found many of them to be sublime. Just watching Doris was a wonder for me as a teenager. I rather enjoyed Doris in this film , trying to turn an old house into a place for her husband, Rod Taylor. I enjoyed Hermione Baddeley as her caring landlady. For me, the whole point of this film was Doris' entrance into the no- wives party for wool distributers. When she arrives, takes off her white coat to reveal a figure clinging , gold sequined gown, I was absolutely captivated! Of course, I am a big Doris Day fan, and the sight of her walking down the steps 8nto the party was a special highlight for all my years of adoring Doris! It's not a bad film, I just think people expect too much of a romantic romp. Doris is superb at playing someone who has had too much to drink. Actually, she is superb at just about everything she does. That's my take on it."

At least once a year I watch Do Not Disturb. There are countless joyful moments.

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