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Teacher's Pet

Posted: 18 Sep 2005, 00:11
by webmaster

"Teacher's Pet... I wanna be Teacher's Pet... I wanna take home Ma, diploma
and show Ma that you love me too... I wanna be Teacher's Pet... long after school is through...

Time to review "Teacher's Pet":
Refresh your memory: - how do you rate it?

Posted: 18 Sep 2005, 17:42
by Glorious Day
I like this film eventhough I am not a Gable fan. Doris looked gorgeous as usual and she did a great job with her role.

I also thought Doris was far sexier than Maimie Van Doren when she was singing "TGWIRR".

Posted: 18 Sep 2005, 21:19
by Katie
I really like Gable...BUT I dont think he should of been paired with Doris in TP. The age difference was too much. Atleast when she made "...mink", Grant looked pretty good for his age. I thought Clark kind of looked old manish...just my opinion, though.

I always wondered if Doris thought it was awkward having to play 'in love' with Clark Gable, since he had been famous since she was just a little girl.

Anyway, I think this film is smart, very good, and one of my favorites and Doris looks wonderful (as always)!!!!!

excellent film

Posted: 18 Sep 2005, 22:59
by howard
"Teacher's Pet" is one of my all-time favorites. Despite the age difference, I thought Gable and DD had a good sexual chemistry going between them. The script was so well-written, and the performances are first class all the way. Doris never looked better and the scene in the classroom where she describes what she thinks Gannon is like, right down to the cigar hanging out of his mouth, is priceless! Very funny! In my book, this film is a definite "excellent." One of Doris' very best comedies.

Top of the "Class"

Posted: 19 Sep 2005, 05:54
by Jas1
I agree. As I have matured I have come to regard this film as (perhaps) Doris' finest hour. Her acting is so under stated, the script top notch, the cast etc, - it had it all and to boot, a touch of realism. I too love the scene Howard describes and the scene where they argue in the classroom and the one where he composes his summary of the shooting and she starts to read it thinking it will stink (he completed it so quickly) and then changing as she realises how good it is. This film touched on social issues, had great comedy, Doris in black sexy dress dancing the mambo! It had it all! And the scene in the elevator / lift where she scolds Gable for his behaviour and states "if you're finished, may i leave" - he kisses her and she is so effective when she asks "are you finished now?" Guess you can tell I like this film alot!

Rating of Teacher's Pet

Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 21:12
by Guest
I still can't find where to cast a vote but will state that I think this is one of Doris' best roles and performances and would vote "Excellent" if I could:-).

It was encouraging when she signed on for this around the time she lost the Nellie Forbush role in "South Pacific". I've never really watched the whole of "SP" and the snips I have seen I didn't think were all that good. So I was glad that D. did "Teacher's Pet" instead. The team of Perlberg (producer) and Seaton (director) had built a reputation for quality work and "TP" continued that tradition. I concede that Gable was a bit old for D. and that their chemistry wasn't exactly "hot", but it was adult and sophisticated. Gig Young was terrific and funny. The mambo he and Doris did in the nightclub was a preview of her mambo with Nick Adams in "Pillow Talk" a couple of years later. The famous gossip columnist of that time, Hedda Hopper, proclaimed that Doris' acting had taken a big leap forward in both "TP" and "Tunnel Of Love".

My passion for DD was at a peak around this time. The year before, Columbia Records had released her two fine albums "Day By Day" and "Day By Night" as well as the soundtrack album from "Pajama Game". Almost simultaneous with the release of "TP" in the theaters, her 2-album set, "Hooray For Hollywood" was released and her recording of "Teacher's Pet" was climbing the charts. Also, Doris and Gable had just recently appeared on the Academy Award telecast and Doris looked positively smashing and classy in that beautiful dress. So it was 24/7 with Doris and me. So much so that my school work began to suffer. But for a great cause.

Looking back, it seems ridiculous that this comedy was filmed in black and white. Seaton reasoned that it was logical because a newspaper is black print on a white page and a blackboard is black with white chalk. It did make some sense but, in my opinion, the picture would have been even better in color.



Posted: 26 Sep 2005, 06:01
by Jas1
I have always thought the period referred to by Joe was Doris at the top of her profession - having films like Love me or Leave me and The Man who knew too much, Pajama Game etc under her belt, the great concept albums being released and on the verge of the Pillow Talk years. This was probably the time when she was revered mostly by critics and public alike - before the onslaught of ciriticism towards the end of the sex comedy years.

Posted: 22 Jan 2006, 18:13
by Debbi Austen
I really enjoyed teacher's pet Yes, Gable was a little old, but his expressions were so funny. The script was wonderful and so was the acting. I liked Gig Young. I hope to see him in other films.

Teacher's Pet

Posted: 23 Jan 2006, 15:51
by Teachers_Pet
Hmmmmm.....for some reason, I, too, am unable to vote; but I would give this film an "excellent." This is DD at her best. The humor is sophisticated--the mambo scene and the spoof DD did of TGWIRR were great--I replay those two scenes the most. I agree with Joe that those scenes were a preview of things to come a couple of years later. I LOVE that short haircut, too.

Gig Young added a lot to the film, and I'm glad he appeared in 3 other DD films.

If I could change one thing, it would be to see the film in color.

Teacher's Pet

Posted: 24 Jan 2006, 02:31
by Laurie Tuttle
Hello! I'm new to the Forum and glad to be here to chat about the fabulous Doris Day!

Teacher's pet deserves more credit than it received from media reviewers, in my opinion. Other than the slowwww beginning at the newspaper, it was intelligent, witty, and Doris Day had a great character development. The bit where Clark Gable stole a kiss and she practically fell down and fanned herself, was extremely well executed! I also loved the development in the nightclub as the night went on, the subtle little things.

Actually, I could and have watched that film over and over and always finding something new in it.

You are a great group! Keep talking!


Posted: 25 Jan 2006, 11:56
by Teachers_Pet
Welcome to the Forum, Laurie. I take it you're also a fan of YOUNG AT HEART? :)

Teachers Pet

Posted: 26 Jan 2006, 12:58
by Laurie Tuttle
Thank you for the warm welcome to the Forum, Wendy! Yes, I do love Young at Heart, hence the name, Laurie Tuttle. However, I could never tire of watching Teachers Pet.

Keep talking about the work of Doris Day, I am happy to see this testimonial of her work and the person that she is.

Posted: 26 Apr 2007, 18:44
by dayniac
This is also one of my favorite DD movies. I think she and Gable are great together. They have great chemistry - even with him being so much older. I have to agree - she is much sexier than Van Doren !!
I think she said in her book that when she was young Gable was one of her favorite actors. And in an interview I saw she was asked why she did TP and she said - to work with Gable of course ! She had nothing but praise for him.
Great movie !!


Teacher's Pet

Posted: 26 Apr 2007, 19:29
by webmaster
Great pic, Dayniac - never saw that one before. 8)


Posted: 27 Apr 2007, 05:27
by Jas1
Me too, this is always in my top 5 of Doris' films. She is mature, sexy, intelligent, and understated in this movie. Her comedic timimg superb without going just that little bit too far. Her wardrobe was smart and sexy in a professional way, the clothes enhanced her body very much, those skirts, that ass! [Sorry]!!!

Posted: 27 Apr 2007, 17:43
by dayniac
I have to agree -- I think this period was her absolute best. Most of my favorite movies are from 1955 to 1962. And, I thought her voice was at its peak around this same time. Of course I love her music from her whole career, but her voice was fantastic around this time.
I think TP had a great script - and I really like to see Doris in control and the equal of her male counterpart. She was certainly that in this movie.
And, yes, those tight skirts certainly showed off her attributes !
Love this movie !!

Posted: 27 Apr 2007, 17:48
by dayniac
Someone mentioned Doris and Gable at the 1957 AA ceremony. I found this picture the other day. She looked great !

Posted: 27 Apr 2007, 19:02
by suzie
I rated this film exellent.If the film had been done in color,I would have liked it even better.This movie was the very begining of the romantic comedy type movie,that went on to make doris an even bigger star than she already was.
Gable looking a little to old for doris,but the film worked never the less.Gig young darling as always and in many of doris,s films always plays the tony randall part.Youngs third party portrail was good as always.really cute film.

Posted: 29 May 2007, 20:43
by Pam
Toni, I absolutely love all these wonderful photos of Doris, that you have posted for all of us~ Many of the photos are new for me, and it is such a treat to see them~ Thank you so much again, for sharing them with us.


Posted: 30 May 2007, 13:13
by Natalier
I rated this film good, because I have seen it many times now and i thought that Doris played a good role i the film.

Posted: 30 May 2007, 17:02
by dayniac

Thanks Pam - I'm glad you're enjoying the pictures. I just love DD's look in this movie. Really my favorite couple of years for her movies and look. That picture you posted is so funny -- she had some funny looks too !! This is one of my all time favorite movies !




teachers pet.

Posted: 29 Jan 2008, 16:54
by Doris Martin
every time I see this film I leke better and better.Marti :)

Posted: 21 Feb 2008, 21:50
by BabeWilliams
Yes, I have to agree with everyone. Gable looks much to old for Doris, and Young, as always, did a wonderful job. But Doris can make any movie good, no matter the script or the actors. As always I do like this movie... if it has Doris in it I like it... no ifs ands or buts

Posted: 17 Mar 2008, 04:09
by Theodomus
I watched the movie for the first time at the weekend and I loved it. I even don't mind that it is in black and white, I feel it fits the time the movie plays in. But I also like black and white pictures very much, so maybe I'm biased.

I've never been a great fan of Clark Gable and felt that he was too old for DD as well, but the acting was great and there was "something" between them.

I love the scene in the club when she tries to conceal her giggles when MVD sings and how she pities him when Gig tops him every time.

And when he takes her home and kisses her; walking into the apartment she really looks like if she thinks "Wow, I have been kissed by Clark Gable"...

Excellent rating from me.

It's a shame that this movie has - as far as I know - never been shown on German TV.

Re: Teacher's Pet

Posted: 29 Jun 2008, 12:43
by Erica_R_Stone
Hello I am new....

Teacher's Pet is perhaps my top. I'm always hesitant to play favorites...Doris Day is so amazing period.

I have TP on my ipod and watch it quite a bit every week. (I commute to work about 2 hours I have the time)

I like Jim Gannon's first time he sees E.R. Stone. You see here coming out of an office and walking toward the classroom. She is so confident, so beautiful. No gorgeous gown, or soft lighting, just pure Doris Day beauty in a pencil skirt, understated top and sweater cardigan. Jim Gannon doesn't know what she looks like and mistakes an older lady to be "the professor". I love his appreciation of her.

Great, great movie.