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Lucky Me

Posted: 05 Dec 2005, 07:25
by webmaster

Brian Fellows writes to me: Can I suggest including "Lucky Me" in the Films of DD Forum. I have just watched a video of it and it is quite brilliant. I loved every minute of it.

Phil Silvers was superb and funny. Doris was lovely as always, though she looked slightly different - changed hair style? No catchy tunes, but engaging all the way.

This was the first musical to be shot in CinemaScope which explains why I lost Doris occasionally off the edge of the screen! A great start with Doris Day's dynamite opening number, "The Superstition Song". But my favourite was “The Bluebells of Broadway" in which Doris and the others sing in gorgeous Scottish accents.

You can hear "The Superstition Song" and the opening music in full here:

good show!

Posted: 05 Dec 2005, 13:15
by howard
Despite the critical drubbing this film took, I like it ... I like it very much. The musical numbers are fun, the cast is wonderful ... how can you beat Phil Silvers and Nancy Walker? I love the "Supersticious" number, "Blue Bells of Broadway," "I Speak to the Stars," and that dynamite closer, "I Want to Sing Like an Angel" (I think that's the title!). The story may be a bit lame, (did I say "a bit?"), but back then story lines of most musicals were just an excuse to string the musical numbers together. I gave it a strong "good" rating.

Lucky Me

Posted: 05 Dec 2005, 14:34
by Ken
I enjoyed this movie eventhough the story line was average. I like Doris singing I Speak To The Stars--great cast.

Bluebells of Broadway

Posted: 05 Dec 2005, 15:06
by webmaster
Doris has a convincing Scottish accent on the song and a nice roll of the rrrs - although I prefer "I wanna sing like an angel (and dance like the devil.) I liked the dance across the floor before she went up the stairs.

Yes, she did look a bit different in this but she had also been ill and suffering from hyper-tension and overwork after Calamity Jane, I believe.
In the new documentary it says she was told to do 'the float' as part of her treatment and as a way to relax. She looked healthy in "Lucky Me" but that may have been Doris giving it her all, rather than the truth. And perhaps that contributed to her feeling that she didn't want to do that film?
This was also the period, or soon after, when she was given the Sour Apples award by the Hollywood Press for least cooperative actress. The press didn't know she had been very ill.

I liked the line when she is gate-crashing the party as Lady Somebody and Marthy Hyer says, "It must be interesting being a lady" and Doris says "You should try it sometime!"

Posted: 05 Dec 2005, 16:29
by bluebird1115
This was one of the first times I couldn't finish a Doris Day film. It's really bad in so many ways. I have since managed to make it all the way through, but doubt it will receive many re-visits. Caprice, Move Over Darling, and The Ballad of Josie are the only other Doris films that required multiple attempts to get from start to finish...

speaking of "OUR" star

Posted: 06 Dec 2005, 06:29
by Jas1
I really like this film but it is obviously one Doris would not have chosen to do. She looked better with her hair clipped back in some of the scenes. As I have said before she was (is) a wonderful mimic, I have never seen her fail at an accent and some find the Scottish accent very difficult. I love all the songs and "no one" could pull off the intro Superstition number like Miss Day, that really puts a smile on my face.


Posted: 06 Dec 2005, 23:19
by DorisDayFanatic
Granted Lucky Me is far from one of my "favorite" Doris Day movies but it is still a cute film.

Cause the blue bells of broadway are ringing tonight. Doris Day/Phil Silvers/Robert Cummings/Eddie Foy Jr. Was great casting. This 1954 comedy is full of laughs, cute music and good dialogue.

Fantastic songs I personally love it, when Doris Day sings "Love You Dearly". And "I speak to the Stars". Also Phil Silvers, Eddie Foy Jr. and Nancy Walker are terrific.

Soo, if you want to watch a cute musical for the whole family. I highly suggest watching the 1954 Warner Brothers Musical, Lucky Me.

I Watch This Occasionally...

Posted: 04 Jan 2006, 21:07
by Ralph
My opinion is given in the review I wrote on this film (on this site!) I really enjoyed "Lucky Me." Doris Day was a delight. The opening number, 'The Superstition Song" is a highlight. Day was in marvelous voice, of course, but the showstopper for me was "I Wanna Sing Like An Angel." I liked the gown, but thought it a might too conservative; she could have given us bare arms, at least.

The "Men" number was fun and proved that Day could hold her own with an old Vaudeville trooper like Phil Silvers. It seems strange that Nancy Walker only made this one film with Doris. She could have played the Thelma Ritter roles in those three Day movies if Ritter had not been available. Day did, however, get to work with Eddie Foy, Jr. again in "Pajama Game."

I especially loved the scene when Candy and Company went incognito to Martha Hyer's party. That was fun.

Doris didn't like the picture probably because it was "fluffier" than most of her other WB musicals. Remember, she had just come off the success of "Calamity Jane." Can you imagine how she felt with Judy Garland being invited from MGM to star in the spectacular "A Star is Born" at Doris' own studio, and Jack Warner handing her "Lucky Me"? Doris had good reason to feel unappreciated. Warners never gave Doris a serious picture like "Star", only fluff. "Lucky Me" was like saying, "we feel this is the quality film we think goes with your talent."


Posted: 05 Jan 2006, 00:58
by Ralph
I hope nobody missed my point. After almost 17 pictures in seven years, and the tremendous success of "Calamity Jane," Warner Brothers showed it's appreciation to DORIS DAY, by handing her the script of the light-weight epic called LUCKY ME. At the same time, they recruited JUDY GARLAND from MGM to play Esther Blogett in the spectacular dramatic musical, A STAR IS BORN! Was that a slap in the face to Doris?

After saving the crumbling genre of the movie musical and Warner Brothers from bankruptcy, all they came up with for Day was LUCKY ME. Day must have been furious! But you know what? Doris did not hold it against Judy. She befriended her, knowing that her contract with Warners was up after YOUNG AT HEART. How fitting and ironic it was that MGM (Judy's home studio) cast Doris in LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME, a huge dramatic musical, on par with A STAR IS BORN the very next year!!!

Unlucky Her?

Posted: 05 Jan 2006, 07:17
by Jas1
Ralph, you know I never really thought that much about this until now and you are probably so right. Doris Day by this time deserved the cream of what was available at WB and although Lucky Me was a nice little movie, the cream was a bit sour! This type of film would have been fine for Doris around 1948-51 and after she first entered the top ten money makers (1952?) WB should have taken notice. Although Garland was superb in "Star is born" - Day could have brought something wonderful to the role too. Doris' first film had more gusto and panache than this one.

"Lullaby of Broadway"

Posted: 05 Jan 2006, 19:24
by Ralph
For someone who really wants to capture the essence of Doris Day, I'd suggest "Lullaby of Broadway." By the time Doris made this film, she was already ingrained in the minds of movie fans, world-wide. SHE WAS SOOOOOOO DORIS DAY. Her singing was great and she danced like a dream. Plus, she looked spectacular in Technicolor. I'll never forget how incredible she was photographed in her closeups.

Remember when she played that dramatic scene with Gene Nelson in the dressing room after she discovered that her mother actually worked at the Three O'Clock Club? And, that wonderful scene with Gladys George in the "rented" cabin on the ship? Her closeups were just beautiful and showed the perfection of Doris' face. George: "It's tough talking like a mother...I need a couple more rehearsals."

Everyone I know falls in love with Doris during "You're Getting to Be A Habit" and the cute dance routine with Nelson. Also that "I Love the Way You Say Goodnight" number was hot. This is a great musical.


Posted: 06 Jan 2006, 13:45
by Karen T
Thank you Lauren, for your very kind comments. I would like to return the compliment, I think your web-site is great, and I love the collection of photos you have acquired over the years, your one of the people that help to make this forum a real treat.

I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking all my forum friends for the wealth of information they have given me over the last year.


LUCKY ME - I have this movie on DVD, but I do not tend to watch it. I think Doris is good in the movie but I am not keen on the story. Unfortunately for this movie it followed Calamity Jane, if it had been made earlier. people might have given it a much better appraisal. I have given it an average rating.

Posted: 04 Feb 2006, 22:22
by Debbi Austen
I enjoyed Lucky Me. I thought the songs were wonderful. I don't like Bob Cummings very much, but I liked him in this film with Doris. The rest of the cast was great. Phil Silvers was a tiny bit over the top (just a little).

Doris did look flushed. Her complexion was a little red and her eye brows looked a little different. But she was still beautiful.

I think we should be five ratings. Excellent, Very Good, Good, Average, and poor. It's very difficult rating 39 films into 4 categories. Anyway, I would rate this film good.

I would watch this film again because Doris gave such a marvelous preformance.

Crtitics Choice

Posted: 10 Apr 2007, 10:22
by ray
There is a cover photo sprend of Doris In Lucky Me on the Critics Choice Video magazine this month! Nice to see Doris on the cover!!

Posted: 05 May 2007, 23:06
by dayniac

I'd have to rate this one average. I agree with what was said about Doris derserving and expecting a better movie than this one after Calamity Jane. I think she has stated that she made this movie because she was under contract and didn't believe in going on suspension. Her belief that surfaced more than once - a deal is a deal. Not the best movie - but she gave her all as always and I'll watch Doris in anything !!
I think A Star is Born was a project that was put together by Garland and her husband Sid Luft. That was a Garland project all the way. Doris talks about Judy in her book - they got along - used to cross the country on the train together. She also said that Garland was one of the tightest wound people she ever knew and that was possibly why she had a drug problem. Just so she could cope with life. I think they got along fine.


Here's two photo's of Doris visiting Judy on the set of A Star is Born.

Posted: 26 May 2007, 18:36
by Ralph

More great comments from you!! I was only going by what Doris mentioned in her book. I am glad that you brought up the Judy issue because I knew nothing about that and D. did not even bring that up. I'm sure that the "Star is Born" issue just added to Doris' frustration.

However, I would just mention this - not sure why Doris would have any objection to Judy at all. It was not Judy's fault that she was chosen to play the lead in "Born." Those stars back then just took their marching orders unlike today with everyone being an independent contractor.

A temporary set back for Doris but in the end Warner Bros was the loser and Doris the winner!


Fan magazines and gossip columnists had a field day predicting fireworks with Judy Garland coming to the Warners lot to make "Star." They pointed out how imortant Judy's picture was and that Doris Day was "fuming" having to do the trite, "Lucky Me." But the feud fizzled when Doris and Judy acted like true adults, visiting one another on their respective sets, having lunch and becoming travelling buddies across the nation.

Judging from the picture of Doris and Judy (seated on the steps), Day finished "Lucky" and was working on "Young at Heart" when she visited Judy. I do believe that "Lucky Me" was already in production when "Star" began. Plus, I've read that Day went straight into "Young at Heart" after finishing "Lucky." Obvoiusly, "Star" was still being filmed during "Heart."

Wardrobe Tests

Posted: 27 May 2007, 11:17
by René
Thanks, Tanja, for the wardrobe test shot from "Lucky Me". Would love to see some from "Love Me Or Leave Me" or any of her films. Perhaps folks can start a page just for that type of photo, there must be so many. Thanks again.

Lucky Me

Posted: 13 Jun 2007, 12:37
by webmaster

'Dragonlady' is offering screen captures from"Lucky Me" in zip files here:

Anoher Shot

Posted: 13 Jun 2007, 14:27
by Ralph
DORIS DAY, Robert Cummings, Phil Silvers, Nancy Walker, Eddie Foy, Jr.



Lucky Me link

Posted: 17 Jun 2007, 12:04
by webmaster
"Apparently Doris Day did Lucky Me in a kind of stupor.
Would that performers today deliver half so well at full strength!
Amazing the energy Doris brings to a project she completed in such circumstances.
"Whereas I was always able to get into a part with effortless vitality, now it was all I could do to get myself up to a performing level."
Talk about professional discipline. Instead of whining themselves into rehab, troupers like Day just went and did it.
All the more reason to admire a long gone generation of truly committed entertainers.
Sometimes it’s shows done under duress I can’t help admiring most.
Day’s self-proscribed therapy called for rests between takes in the dressing room and avoidance of interviews.
Watching her belt out the numbers in Lucky Me, you’d never guess what an ordeal this was."
"Getting Back Those Wide Screens": nice page about Lucky Me:
http://greenbriarpictureshows.blogspot. ... -whod.html

Read This Article!

Posted: 17 Jun 2007, 12:55
by Ralph
The complete article is fascinating. It confirms what some of us said we felt about Doris Day's (inward) reaction to Judy Garland's arrival at Warners to make "A Star is Born." Outwardly, she embraced Judy, who was a very likeable person. Day, obviously, didn't blame Judy for WBs dishing out money to Garland's lavish production, after they handed Day the trite "Lucky Me." Doris threw herself into the picture and gave it all she had, which was plenty. This, even though she had no faith in the project.

http://greenbriarpictureshows.blogspot. ... -whod.html

Posted: 18 Jun 2007, 18:31
by dayniac
Very interesting article. Wasn't it about this time that Doris got the sour apple award from the movie mags ? Because she wasn't being cooperative - not giving interviews. I think she and Marty finally had to do interviews and reveal that she had been having health issues.
That was definitely Doris to carry on and fulfill a commitment. Didn't she say a deal is a deal ? I think it would have been a very difficult situation. You know the movies you're in are not top notch - but you honor your contract and give 100 percent of yourself. I think she stated that she felt that she wouldn't be hurt by these movies if she gave her best. And that she did. And she was right !
There are other actresses that went on suspension rather than do movies they thought were less than what they deserved. Two well known cases both involved Warner Brothers ! Bette Davis sued WB when she was suspended without pay for refusing to do a movie. She lost the suit but in a strange reversal WB paid all her legal expenses and began treating her with greater respect and offered her roles to match her talent.
Olivia De Havilland rebelled for better roles from WB and was put on a 6 month suspension. When WB wouldn't release her at the end of her 7 yr. contract claiming her obligation should be extended the 6 months she was on suspension - she sued the studio and won a landmark decision that set the outside limit of a studio-player contract at 7 yrs., including periods of suspension. Helpful to all those that came after.
I've always wondered if Doris would have been offered better roles had she refused to do some of the ones assigned to her. But - that was not her way. She gave her all - and it always showed. Of course by the time she did Lucky Me she was almost at the end of her contract. After her WB contract she certainly showed that she survived those mediocre movies -- soaring in the wonderful string of movies that followed. She was at the top.


Posted: 19 Jun 2007, 05:48
by Jas1
I particularly love Doris Day's work ethic and her 'deal is a deal' approach. I love the fact too she certainly seems to be such a down to earth star, and boy she was way up there at the top of those stars; but to her, she was going to work, as everyone else on the film was, from the director down to the runner or whomever! She also seemed to treat it as a job which could have been going to the office or whatever and I like that.

On the other hand however, whilst I too feel it was wrong for 'stars' to act all egotistical etc and go on suspension; sometimes, as in the case of Davis, and particularly, Olivia [above], a stand must be made and it takes guts and determination to fight the big boys; so horray for that too, after all, what matters most is the right thing, and fair play.

Posted: 19 Jun 2007, 13:36
by dayniac
I hope it didn't sound like I didn't appreciate DD's work ethic. I do ! I love her attitude that this was her job. As you said - just like all the other people involved in the process. And she did her best - regardless of her feelings about the project. And, I think her personality and talent carried her on to the number one spot.
I have a feeling the stars today would be on supsension constantly if they were working under the studio system of yesterday. So many are spoiled and egotistical. I lack interest in them.

Posted: 20 Jun 2007, 06:01
by Jas1
No Daynamic, I did not think that at all.