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Lover Come Back Trailer

Posted: 26 Jun 2007, 19:37
by webmaster

Rock Hudson - his story.

Posted: 27 Jun 2007, 17:55
by Jas1
Rock Hudson - 1985 - to Sarah Davidson - who wrote his life story in the last weeks of his life -

'I got to learn from about knowing your craft! If I have to do a comedy with, say Shelly Winters, thats hard labor. She's not funny, and she thinks she is. She's got a voice that goes right through you. Wha wha wha. To try to do a comedy with someone who has no conception of what comedy is - that's a killer. But Doris knows.'

- says a lot!

Doris Day - 1985 - to Sarah Davidson regarding her so called virgin credentials - and the role of Jan Morrow -

'I was a business woman. I don't think I was a virgin. I went off to the country with him and I probably would have succumbed, except I found out he was a phony and ran away. The audience, - you - thought I was a virgin. You thought, when I went off with him, oh, she'll think of some way to wiggle out'.

Posted: 27 Jun 2007, 18:28
by dayniac
I just re-read Doris' autobiography and Rock had such wonderful things to say about Doris.

The best acting lesson came from Doris. Her sense of timing, her instincts--I just kept my eyes open and copied her. Doris was an Actors Studio all by herself. When she cried, she cried funny, which is something I couldn't even try to explain; and when she laughed, her laughter came boiling up from her kneecaps. Half-way through the picture we had fallen into a style of playing together, an easy rapport, an instinctive give-and-take, that put our stamp on PT as well as on the next film we made, LCB.

I don't really know what makes a movie team. Galble and Lombard, Tracy and Hepburn. I recently saw an old flick starring Joan Crawford and Spencer Tracy in a "team" picture, and that was a glaring example of what didn't work. Absolutely no chemistry between them. But when Tracy teamed with Hepburn, it worked like a charm. I'd say, first of all the two people have to truly like each other, as Doris and I did, for that shines through, the sparkle, the twinkle in the eye as the two people look at each other. Then, too, both parites have to be storng personalities--very important to comedy so that there's a tug-of-war over who's going to put it over on the other, who's going to get the last word, a fencing match between two adroit opponents of the opposite sex who in the end are going to fall in bed together. God knows Doris is a stong personality-- I used to call her Miss Adamant of 1959. But the great thing that Doris does in a film is the way she plays hurt when she realizes that she's been had --she is genuinely hurt and the audience's heart goes out to her. She's not a revengeful woman, and when she plays hurt over what the man has done to her, she wins hands down.

Well --I think they were one of the best movie teams in the history of movies !


Movie Teams.

Posted: 28 Jun 2007, 05:35
by Jas1
I certainly think Doris & Rock are up there with the best and should be regarded as such. Probably as time goes on this will be how they are judged, it is already changing. Yes, they were superb, up there with Hepburn and Tracy, Loy and Powell etc. I suppose the nearest [and by no means in the same league] equivlent is Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?

Posted: 28 Jun 2007, 18:34
by dayniac
I kind of see them as Cary Grant and Irene Dunne from the old movies in the 30's like The Awful Truth and My Favorite Wife ( Move Over Darling ). And, maybe a little of Loy and Powell. DD and Rock were a perfect movie team.

A Pickup?

Posted: 28 Jun 2007, 22:43
by Ralph
I love that bed scene from "Send Me No Flowers" when Rock is in bed and Doris crawls in and rests her head on his chest. Rock: "We certainly had good times together...remember how we met?" " was a pickup!" Doris (laughing)..."yeah...I guess it was a pickup."

That was a lovely scene and showed how much they were almost talking about their own friendship.


Posted: 29 Jun 2007, 02:46
by Jas1
Yes Ralph, I agree, that scene is the best from that film, so touching and sweet

Posted: 29 Jun 2007, 11:06
by suzie
Doris and Rock really acted like they had been married ,and for many years at that.Doris even said that it was as if they had been married.

Very very believeable.I too love that scean where they cuddled and talked.
Did anyone ever see the interview with doris and rock with I think it was david hartman ? Talk about acting like an ole married couple .They seemed so connected.The fact that they truly loved one another(as friends ) really shines through.

One thing for sure the two of them sure gave the world alot of joy and laughter.

Posted: 29 Jun 2007, 15:25
by webmaster
Doris and Rock really acted like they had been married, and for many years at that Doris even said that it was as if they had been married.
That's probably because they weren't having sex! :oops:

Doris and Rock, Married?

Posted: 29 Jun 2007, 17:27
by Ralph
Doris Day and Rock Hudson could have had the "perfect" Hollywood marriage! If he had been honest with her about his sexuality, I think she could have brought herself to accept it and they could have worked something out. He could have his "fun" in his own way and she, likewise, could have had hers. They loved being together. Rock's friends were very diverse. But, there were times when he had all-male parties (Rock, it has been reported, had a "voracious apetite"). As long as he wasn't having orgies in their home...they could have afforded to have two or three houses.

I'm sure that Doris knows that SEX IS NOT EVERYTHING! Oh, my God! What am I saying!!! Just kidding!

But, I think most Hollywood people are so unstable, they just get married for the publicity and because of looks. The male species isn't so complicated. And they don't change because they become famous. THEY ARE STILL MEN. Males want different things out of life than women. Women's problem is that they think they can change men, they can't. It takes more than marriage vows and a wedding ring to change a man whose way of thinking was formed at a very early age.

In the United States, the divorce rate is well over 50% with the major reason being ADULTERY.


Posted: 29 Jun 2007, 17:42
by webmaster
ADULTERY is a very loaded term, what does it mean?
Are we looking at it in biblical tems or that famous film where wives become robot-like that I can't remember? (Hep me out.)
I think for men (I typed 'me' then, fruedian slip) of a certain age (over 40)! sex can be like a dog with fleas, you have to scratch sometimes but you'd rather they weren't biting you. (God, I am getting old! - what happened to my wild youth?)
Or is that perfect peace? Let's face it, sex is, as Doris said about middle age, something you (scarily) grow out of. I'm working on it anyway!


Posted: 30 Jun 2007, 12:10
by Jas1
Humorous take on it all Bryan, but i hope I NEVER grow out of it!

Doris Day was an incredibly sexy woman, as she said herself [in her book] - although she wasn't into sex, for the sake of it, when in love, she wanted that man ALL OF THE TIME!

Rock & Doris? Who knows! Interseting thought them married. I read [somewhere] at his parties, somtimes, some male, would put on a blond wig and mime to Doris Day recordings. I am sure this was done in the utmost good fun and in no way detrimental to Miss Day.

Posted: 30 Jun 2007, 13:32
by webmaster
Don't take anything I say too literally. :wink:

Posted: 11 Aug 2007, 19:37
by Ralph
I'm watching "Lover Come Back" and I just thought it implausible that after she finds out who he is, that he would actually go along with "going back to the beach" to recapture the moment they kissed.

Wexler was smarter than that! He wanted what he wanted! And driving 30 miles out of the New York City? I don't buy it. That was the only flaw in this wonderful film. They could have come up with something better than that!

Watching this, it's so evident that Tony Randall deserved an Oscar for this supporting role. He was a total scream! What a robbery. After "Glass...Boat" they showed a making of short about the film. I've never seen it before. And why didn't they put that on the DVD as an extra?

Posted: 11 Aug 2007, 20:31
by John M
Ralph, which short did they show?

Posted: 11 Aug 2007, 20:46
by dayniac
I just watced that too. They showed a short narrated by Arthur Godfrey -showing Doris and Marty arriving in Catalina to great fanfare and showing sites around the island with Godfrey describing everything.

Posted: 11 Aug 2007, 21:06
by John M
Thanks Toni! By the way, Ralph, that featurette IS on the DVD.

Skinny Dipping

Posted: 12 Aug 2007, 10:38
by Vicki M
The excitement of skinny dipping in the moonlight would seem a good reason to go back to the beach! He didn't know that she knew who he was!

Lover Come Back

Posted: 12 Aug 2007, 11:26
by webmaster

UK Fans might like to know that "Lover Come Back" is on ITV next Saturday (18th august) at 1.35pm.


Lover Come Back
Saturday 18th August on ITV 1 from 1:35pm to 3:30pm
Doris Day and Rock Hudson star as rival advertising executives who will do anything it takes to clinch an important campaign. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't realise he's made the whole thing up. Delbert Mann's dated romantic comedy, with a comical plot that somehow works despite a perplexing conclusion. Tony Randall, Edie Adams and Jack Oakie co-star. With Jack Kruschen, Ann B Davis and Joe Flynn. Directed by: Delbert Mann. (U) (1962)

Posted: 12 Aug 2007, 11:36
by dayniac
Vicki - you are so right - he still thinks he has the game going on. He has no idea she's found out who he is. And the skinny dipping prospect makes the long drive all worth while !

Posted: 12 Aug 2007, 14:56
by John M
Vicki & Toni, I agree. Not to be crass or vulgar about it, but I think we all know what he was thinking with at that moment... and it wasn't his common sense!

Posted: 12 Aug 2007, 19:36
by howard
He was thinking with his other head! (LOL)

Lover Come Back

Posted: 12 Aug 2007, 19:51
by webmaster
Keep it clean - we're talking Doris Day not Britney Spears.

Re: Skinny Dipping

Posted: 16 Aug 2007, 14:28
by Ralph
Vicki M wrote:The excitement of skinny dipping in the moonlight would seem a good reason to go back to the beach! He didn't know that she knew who he was!
A wolf like Webster wouldn't want to waste that kind of time just to see her sans clothes in the water -- he was already in bed! The man was ruthless, not naive.

The Films of Doris Day

Posted: 16 Aug 2007, 16:53
by Sheila
Bryan, very funny, the Britney comment I mean! made me laugh :lol: