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Posted: 28 Jul 2007, 22:03
by Barb_DDD
I have always loved this movie. It came out when I was in high school, and when I had to write a research paper, I wrote it on Mata Hari. While everyone was moaning and groaning, I was having fun. I slanted it as a poor little misunderstood Dutch girl.

Posted: 29 Jul 2007, 15:53
by dayniac
I bet you had fun !

Doris as Mata Hari

Posted: 13 Nov 2007, 13:03
by miss maxwell
I had such a great time watching this movie! I think that's my third "excellent" rating in a row! :D I find it deliciously crazy and slapstick and vivid and colorful... The title song fits it perfectly. The sets and scenery - as well as the costumes! - are amazing, totally apropos. All the performances are very enjoyable - always a pleasure to watch Edward Andrews work with DD. And although Rod Taylor is (in terms of his chemistry with Doris) no James Garner or Rock Hudson or even David Niven, I like him and DD together [and with the disapointment that "Do not disturb" was, thank goodness for "Glass bottom boat"!]. It was also fun to see "Gladys and Abner" of Bewitched. And of course... The Mata Hari stops at nothing. :lol: No wonder that image made it on so many posters of the film (just remembered -- and the DVD cover!), even though it's just a 20 second scene.

And here's something I picked up at the IMDB boards -- it's 'old' news - and sad I may add - but I don't see it posted here, so:
  • Glass Bottom Spelled Demise For Eponymous Boat (Jun 2006)

    (CBS) MALIBU, Calif. Four people safely evacuated a 100-foot glass-bottom boat off the coast of Malibu and watched the vessel sink. It was supposed to be turned into a restaurant.

    The four-person crew had their own lifeboat, however Baywatch lifeguards and a rescue boat from the Santa Monica Police Department were dispatched to the scene at 8:40 a.m. as a precaution.

    The boat, used in the 1966 Doris Day film "The Glass Bottom Boat" sank two miles off the coast of Zuma Beach. It departed Newport Beach Saturday at 2 p.m. and was headed to Martinez, near San Francisco.

    "Apparently some time this morning, at 8 a.m., we got a call from the Coast Guard that a ship was taking on water and that the pump they were using failed to the point where it was taking on large amounts of water," said Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Ed Osorio.

    The boat's crew noticed a two-by-six inch fracture on the hull of the boat about 7 a.m. Sunday.

    The boat's owner and captain, Rick Parker, and his crew, John Jordan, John Sullivan, and Mike Patrick remained on the vessel salvaging belongings until the last minute when they were taken aboard a Baywatch rescue boat.

    On board the ship were 10 55-gallon drums of reserve diesel fuel, plus 200 gallons of fuel in the ship's gas tank. Only one of the 10 drums have surfaced, which may pose a problem for clean-up efforts. A commercial salvage vessel was en route to assist with the clean up.

    Link - with a video

Posted: 13 Nov 2007, 18:39
by dayniac
That is sad to hear ! That would have been a fun restaurant.
I'm with you on GBB. Good description - it is "deliciously crazy" ! I always get a kick out of the party scene - with Doris playing spy with Andrews and Dick Martin. Very funny !


And, I agree - in this movie - she and Taylor were a good match. And, the scene with Arthur Godfrey and Doris singing was a treat.
I have to say - I always enjoy watching this movie. Its just fun ! :)


Posted: 13 Nov 2007, 19:00
by miss maxwell
Oh boy, how in the world did I confuse Rod Taylor with Rod Stewart (I've edited my post now), I got no idea! Just think what a match that would be. :lol:

Posted: 13 Nov 2007, 19:45
by dayniac
I like it !! I think Doris could hold her own with anyone ! She looks good !! :lol:

Posted: 25 Nov 2007, 21:04
by dayniac
Nice GBB portrait.


Posted: 24 Feb 2008, 20:06
by BabeWilliams
I really do love this movie... but can anyone tell me who Marta Hari was??? I've never heard of her before... you see, I'm a very young fan... still in high school, so I don't really know much about this generation.... The only reason I'm a HUGE Doris Day fan is because my grandma made me watch
Move Over Darling one night and got me hooked... anywayz this is a really cute movie. And I love when Doris is singing with Arthur, I LOVE hearing her sing, her voice is so different and original... I LOVE it!!! Dayniac... or Toni... Whatever... I LOVE your pictures... you always have a crap load of pictures, and I LOVE them all!!!

Mata Hari

Posted: 25 Feb 2008, 05:20
by Peter Flapper
Hi there,

Mata Hari was a Dutch lady born as Margaretha Zelle. She is born in the Dutch town Leeuwarden. She changed from classy Dutch high society dame into an mistery foreign dancer. She died as a spy...



Posted: 25 Feb 2008, 09:42
by Theodomus
My fav scene is then she is singing with Godrey - that entire set. Pure Doris Day stuff - bright, fun, uplifting, real - I think she *did* goof up a line or two in those songs but it added a reality to the scene.
That's my absolute favorite scene of the movie - Together with the following "Starlight in the Sky".

I was always wondering if the singing was live and if the "goofing up" was just happening or planned?

A member of the forum here has just told me that she thinks she heard, that GBB and "Starlight in the Sky" are based on the same melody. I could hardly believe it - Does anyone know if that is correct?

And does anyone know where to find the lyrics to GBB? Escpecially when at the end of the song it's rather difficult to understand.... ;)

Posted: 25 Feb 2008, 12:27
by BabeWilliams
If you go to google just type in...

Doris Day, Glass Bottom Boat lyrics... and that should work... wait... I found it... here's the link... ... boat.shtml

thank you soooo much for telling me who Marta Hari was... I was like way confused and at a loss there!!!

Posted: 25 Feb 2008, 12:45
by Theodomus
Should have tried that myself... Thanks! ;)

Already learned something...


I always understood "condom in the yum" :lol:

Posted: 25 Feb 2008, 12:56
by BabeWilliams
your welcome!!!! What is codominium mean anyway???

Posted: 25 Feb 2008, 13:19
by Theodomus
Don't have a clue - You're the English speaking native... :lol:

Just looked it up:

A condominium, or condo, is a form of housing tenure. It is the legal term used in the United States and in most provinces of Canada...

Posted: 25 Feb 2008, 14:36
by miss maxwell
:lol: I love this, learning english with Doris. You're right about "Glass bottom boat" and "Starlight in the sky" being the same melody. You can tell, if you compare each verse:

All aboard, all aboard on the glass bottom boat__________Soft as the starlight in the sky
It's the greatest show that was ever afloat_____________Soft as the pillow on which I lie
Take a ride on the tide with the guide and see___Warm is the glow from the moon above
The way out wonders of the deep blue sea______Warm is my heart that is filled with love

I love it when, in that scene at the party, she says on the phone "Vasili? Don't-talk-just-listen." - that's as much of a greek name as it is russian so I got a kick out of it when I heard it.

Posted: 25 Feb 2008, 16:34
by Theodomus
I guess my "music ear" is not so good that I could tell it's the same melody... It sounds sooo different to me!

Posted: 01 Apr 2008, 05:22
by puck

The Glass Bottom Boat

Posted: 02 Apr 2008, 05:03
by ddfan55
Thank you Puck for the great photos. I just love this movie.

Lyn :D :D :D

Posted: 02 Apr 2008, 11:52
by dayniac
Oh Puck -- so fun ! Thanks ! :lol:

Posted: 04 Apr 2008, 18:51
by RueBea
She is the perfect Mermaid! :D

Re: The Glass Bottom Boat

Posted: 20 Jul 2008, 05:10
by Haymarketaddict
Okay maybe I'm leaning a bit far out here (since I haven't seen ALL of her movies) but I officially declare this one my favorite Doris movie :D I've loved it *FOREVER* - its fun, its romantic, its silly .... feel good movie - I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
I love the little making of on the DVD where they show the scene with the dust thing and here wheel won't stay stuck*lol* funny ...

Re: The Glass Bottom Boat

Posted: 20 Jul 2008, 05:56
by Theodomus
That's not on my version, I think - Which one do you have?

Re: The Glass Bottom Boat

Posted: 20 Jul 2008, 09:27
by Haymarketaddict
Theodomus wrote:That's not on my version, I think - Which one do you have?
I don't know really :? Its a usually bought copy - its just a small little making of with Doris talking about the making of the film - and the NASA place they filmed it on - and then they show a little "behind the scenes" footage and how she kinda messed up that scene cause her shoe wouldn't stay stuck in the little "grate" (don't know whether this is the right word for it) - funny :D

Re: The Glass Bottom Boat

Posted: 20 Jul 2008, 11:59
by Theodomus
Mmh.... I gotta double check. Do you have the English or German version?

Re: The Glass Bottom Boat

Posted: 21 Jul 2008, 04:54
by Haymarketaddict
Theodomus wrote:Mmh.... I gotta double check. Do you have the English or German version?
German DVD - but with english sound :wink: Are there different versions of that around here ???