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Posted: 22 May 2007, 16:33
by dayniac

I just love this movie ! I think there are so many FUNNY scenes. How many glamorous stars would allow themselves to go through a car wash ? No one that I can think of ! And I read that Doris came up with the "My hair" line as it happened.
Once again - she and Garner are SO good together. The scene on the stairs after the car wash is such a funny fight ! And, when he sees her on the terrace - you believe they love each other - no doubt !

And, as always, she was great with the kids. Yes- funny glub glub line !
And -- the Garden of Eden is a great scene !

I really like this movie. It might not have the best script, but, its funny and succeeds most of the time. Very enjoyable.

Bathtub Pic?

Posted: 23 May 2007, 01:31
by TJ
So...what film is the bathtub picture from? I can't place it in one of Doris' films. Was the scene cut?


Posted: 23 May 2007, 14:06
by Natalier
I love this movie. It was lovely to see Doris and James acting together, apparently in the scene when they are in the bedroom and Doris is a massager or whatever she was, she jumped on Polly Bergen and as James picked Doris off her James broke some of Doris's ribs. But Doris never said anything.

Re: Bathtub Pic?

Posted: 23 May 2007, 15:50
by John M
TJ wrote:So...what film is the bathtub picture from? I can't place it in one of Doris' films. Was the scene cut?

Yes, that was a publicity still taken during the filming of a scene that was cut from Move, Over Darling, before Doris goes up to Monterey to prevent Jimmy & Polly's honeymoon from taking place.

Posted: 23 May 2007, 17:39
by dayniac

I think it was mentioned earlier that the bath scene was cut from Move Over Darling. If you've seen the Cary Grant - Irene Dunne version My Favorite Wife - when she comes home from the island she takes a shower. I assume the bath scene would have been basically that scene.


bubbles day!

Posted: 25 May 2007, 11:10
by Jas1
Would be great to see that bath scene on a dvd extra!

Posted: 25 May 2007, 17:13
by dayniac
Oh - I agree ! There has to be a huge amount of material they could put on these DVD's as extras. I would love to see that scene. I wonder if it still exists. That would be so much fun !

Move Over Darling.

Posted: 11 Jul 2007, 15:13
by Sheila
In the U.K we can’t get this film on DVD which is a real shame. I first bought a video of M.O.D about a year ago and thought it was really funny. I think that Doris and James Garner work really well together, there is a wonderful chemistry between them. In fact it was this film that led me to wonder what had happened to Doris Day, I seriously had no idea. I did a bit of research and somewhere along the way I got hooked!

Posted: 11 Jul 2007, 17:31
by dayniac
Thats too bad you can't get it on DVD - I always find it fun to see them in widescreen - to see the whole scene. You're so right about Doris and Garner - they were great togther.

Here are some of the things Garner said about Doris in her book....

I remeber the first time I saw her on the screen. I was just a regular moviegoer then, hadn't turned to acting yet, and here was this new girl, Doris Day, on a train with Dennis Morgan and Jack Carson, singing a song, and I looked at her and said to myself, "Oh, God, isn't that beautiful, and listsen to that voice!" Then I went into one of those quick fantasies involved with how sexy she was, but I yanked myself out of it in a hurry because she was on a high level where, God, you wouldn't dare mention it to her, you wouldn't want to make a pass because you might spoil the whole thing and get her upset. But, poor Doris, that's one of the crosses she's got to bear --this business of men who are turned on by her but back away becuase of her image. I'm sure that's why she's without a fellow today. Men are afraid to make a move at her.
It's a damn shame, because in Doris one of God's great natural resources is going to waste, I've had to play love scenes with a lot of screen ladies, but of all the women I've had to be intimate with on the screen, I'd rate two as sexiest by far --Doris and Julie Andrews, both of them notorious girls next door. Playing a love scene with either of them is duck soup because they communicate something sexy which means I also let myself go somewhat and that really makes a love scene work.
The cliche thing to say about a movie love scene is that its just a mechanical thing-- you sit in front of the camera and kiss the girl and the whistle blows and you to home and never give it another thought. Well, thas useful propaganda for the wives at home,but, the fact of the matter is that with Doris,one hundred grips or not, there was always somthing there and I must admit that if I had not been married I would have tried to carry forward, after hours, where we left off on the sound stage.

He sounded quite smitten with her - on and off the screen. They looked good together and were so wonderful together in their movies.

Glad you got hooked on Doris. Her music is fantastic too - have you gotten into that too ? If not - you really should.

Move Over Darling.

Posted: 12 Jul 2007, 12:15
by Sheila
Thanks for all that you wrote Toni, you went to a lot of trouble to get me up to speed! Yes I love Doris' music, she has a wonderful voice with so much expression. :wink:

Doris Surpised Polly...

Posted: 02 Oct 2007, 14:31
by Ralph
I broke down and purchased "Move Over Darling." I did it mainly because of the extras, which were very good. The segments consentrated too much on Marilyn Monroe, but I loved the interview with Polly Bergen. She had wonderful things to say about working with Doris, whom she expected to be a "pain in the butt." Day has surprised a lot of people who felt that because she was such a huge star and #1 at the boxoffice, that she'd be spoiled, late, Marilyn, Liz, etc.


Posted: 26 Oct 2007, 09:52
by miss maxwell
Move over darling is the first Doris movie I ever warched. It holds quite a special place in my heart. I had known and liked Doris the singer and when I finally had a chance to see her in film I was thrilled. I loved the film on the whole and found Doris, J.Garner, P.Bergen [I was also so surprised to see her in Desperate Houswives as Lynette's mother!] and T. Ritter to be amazing. For some reason I can't stand Chuck Connors though, sorry. I truly enjoyed reading everyone's outlook on the movie - much [new to me] info too. I'm going to search for the DVD, hopefully I'll be able to find it. Anyway, I thought I'd make my first post here, about the movie that got me hooked [to DoDo]. Have a Doris day everyone. :D

Posted: 26 Oct 2007, 17:42
by dayniac
Welcome Miss Maxwell !!
If you love Doris you will find this a fun place to visit. I really enjoy Move Over Darling also. Not too crazy about Chuck Connors - but he was effective in this part. I thought DD and Garner were great together.




Posted: 27 Oct 2007, 06:40
by Sheila

Posted: 27 Oct 2007, 09:10
by miss maxwell
Thank you very much! :D Yes, I love Doris but I thought it was time to search a bit more about her... for example I had no idea if/when she had retired [I was sad to learn she had, so early...]. I also didn't know about the DDAF... there's so much more left to discover, it's exciting. I'm 20, if you're wondering, from Greece and I just seem to have a soft spot for classic cinema/music/entertainment and I'm overwhelmed by such talents as Doris'... I just love exploring their work, enjoying it and learning from it. Only wish more people would do that. It's great looking at the past - it has so much to offer. Anyway, back to the topic -- beautiful pics. That James Garner is a sweetheart. I love Doris in the pic that both dayniac and Bryan posted.

Posted: 02 Dec 2007, 17:19
by dayniac

New Respect For Doris!

Posted: 06 Jan 2008, 15:51
by Ralph
I bought the DVD on this film mainly because I wanted to get the extras. I was pleased to see what a great job they did with the restoration. And, after watching Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days (which I have on VHS and tells the story of Marilyn and SGTG) and seeing what an unprofessional (and probably mentally unstable) Monroe was, I can appreciate Day even more.

Fox was nearly a ghost town by 1962 with the spoiled Elizabeth Taylor making "Cleopatra" in Rome and Marilyn, not taking her work too seriously in Hollywood. Fox put up with a lot from Monroe, when most other out-of-control actresses would have been fired much earlier.



After she was fired, both Kim Novak and Shirley MacLaine turned down the chance to replace her. Lee Remick, who probably needed the work, accepted, but Dean Martin rebelled: "No Marilyn, no Dean."

Doris Day owed Fox one more picture and wanted to get rid of that obligation, so she accepted the part after Monroe's death. Doris brought all of her professionalism to the set and was the complete opposite of Monroe: no absences, showed up on time, knew her lines, gave the role 110%, finished the film on schedule. Despite the triteness of the story, Day, even though some of her performance was partially overplayed, did a wonderful job with most of the weak material. Comparing her scenes with Marilyn's is like night a DAY, however. Poor Marilyn looked confused, nervous and certainly, unprepared. As one of the producers said, "they wasted a lot of time with the dog and the children when they did get her on the set!" Day, on the other hand, handled the scenes with a professional air that directors came to expect from a star of her standing. The result? A BIG BOXOFFICE HIT.

In the extras, I particularly loved Polly Bergen's interview. After having been the female star of all of her films, she had been skeptical about "supporting the biggest star in the world," thinking that Day must be spoiled and demanding. Assured that her role was a second female lead, she accepted the part (receiving equal billing with Day and Garner). Polly's performance, though rather "obvious" was miles better than the phoniness of Cyd Charisse, who was even more "over-the-top" than Bergen. Don Knotts, Edgar Buchanan, John Astin, Elliot Reed were miles better than Wally Cox, John McGiver, Phil Silvers and Steve Allen in respective roles.

As we all know, the biggest problem with Move Over Darling" was Doris' wigs. I just couldn't believe how they could allow her hair to change two or three times in the same scene! A case in point was when Nick meets Ellen on the terrace of the hotel. She turns wearing one wig and when he approaches her, she's wearing completely different hair! But, we are movie-goers and are not expected to notice such things (remember "The Thrill of It All"?)

Posted: 15 Feb 2008, 13:07
by BabeWilliams
Yes... Move Over Darling is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Doris Day movie... maybe just all time favorite period... I LOVE the scenes when she's with her children... they are sooo sweet. I've seen a few clips of the Marilyn Monroe, Something Gotta Give, but Doris Day's is MUCH better!!!

Posted: 15 Feb 2008, 19:20
by howard
I'm pretty sure the scene (from "Move Over, Darling) wound up on the cutting room floor. I believe she takes a bath just before she leaves for the hotel in Carmel.

Posted: 16 Feb 2008, 10:31
by jmichael
In spite of its flaws, this is a really enjoyable screwball comedy with a great cast who for the most part rise above the limitations of the script and the direction. Someone should have reined Polly Bergen in a bit but I still enjoy her as actress and loved what she had to say about Doris on the DVD. It's another one of Doris' romantic comedies that you can watch over and over again and enjoy. The lady has such a gift for lifting your spirits.

Cheers, Michael H

Posted: 16 Feb 2008, 13:54
by dave
Meganc93--be sure to see the screwball original, too--"My Favorite Wife"

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 13:58
by BabeWilliams
Oh yes... I have seen the one with Cary Grant and Irenne Dunn, it was hilarious... i wish they would've put some of the scenes that was in My Favorite Wife into Move Over Darling, but I do like Move Over Darling better then My Favorite Wife. Does anyone have like all the clips of Something's Gotta Give, I'd like to see all the clips if possible

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 14:53
by Jas1
It is very interesting to compare Monroe's take on Ellen Wagstaff Arden andDoris Day's. Of course Doris could run rings round Marilyn in the acting stakes - especially this brand of comedy. I still adored Marilyn Monroe though and like to compare how they approached the role. Day's interpretation as you would expect is much more human and down to earth and her Sweedish nurse is high comedy whereas Marilyn's was more overtly sexy a la Dietrich [I know she was German but you know what I mean, I hope]! I prefer Move over Darling to 'My Favourite Wife' and my favourite line in it is when Day says to Bergen in her thick Swedish accent 'but vat eef Mr Aardens first vife vasn't vas dead and came back like Irene Dunne done [did]'! Hilarious!

I adore Doris Day with James Garner & whilst this is not way up there in my favourites, it is a great comedy,expertly played and I think [along with Calamity] will continue to introduce Doris Day to whole new generations for many many years to come. I have stated before, when children, this film ranked way up there for my nieces along with the likes of Grease and Wizard of Oz etc.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 20:03
by BabeWilliams
This is the Doris Day movie that introduced me to Doris Day, and it'll always be my favorite. I like that line that Doris Day says too...

but vat eef the first Mrs. Arden didn't vas dead??? And came back like Irene Dunne done... did... lol

I also love when she says... Yes it very good for you, I walk up and down your back...
With your heels on???
lol, I LOVE this movie... I think everyone should see it, it's great

Posted: 20 Feb 2008, 00:12
by javajunkie540
I'm not sure there's much else I could say about this movie, that hasn't been said already. I love it. It's one of the first DD films that I remember watching and it's so funny. It's also one of the movies that turned several of my friends into DD fans. I love the swedish massage scene and the car wash scene and James Garner is so dreamy. It's just a fun enjoyable film.