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Posted: 20 Feb 2008, 09:41
by Jas1
The final scene too is great and very sexy - 'isn't it about time somebody started kissing somebody around here..' - Garner in the pool!

Posted: 25 Feb 2008, 12:32
by BabeWilliams
I love the final scene too!!! The kids already know who she is...

Hi Mom!!!

Hi Mommy!!!

soooo cute!!!

It's like I've said earlier

God, the big guy upstairs really knew what he was doing when he made Doris Day!

Posted: 04 Apr 2008, 19:09
by RueBea
That was in "Move Over Darling"

Ah I remember now, of course it was. Thank you :D

Posted: 04 Apr 2008, 19:14
by Barb_DDD
I think she also cracked a rib in "Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?"
And I then there might have been another time too.

Posted: 04 Apr 2008, 21:09
by BabeWilliams
she cracked a rib in The Pajama Game too..

during the song There Once Was A Man..

welcome to the forum RueBea!

Posted: 19 May 2008, 04:43
by puck
I did never saw this movie, only clips on YouTube, and hope that the dvd, will soon came out on region 2
I did found some magazine articles about the movie.
Image Image Image
Image Image

Move Over Darling

Posted: 19 May 2008, 05:33
by webmaster
Love the magazine spread! Thanks puck.

If you don't want to wait for Region 2 of "Move Over Darling" and you are able to copy and make DVDs on your computer, buy the Region 1 DVD,
Download the free DVD/Video converter, "SUPER":

(Download link at bottom of page - don't bother reading all the blurb, it's clear what to do when you run the program.)

Install it, put the DVD in your computer, copy it to your hard drive - you can then either watch it on your computer or you can 'burn' it to a DVD and watch on your DVD player.

Posted: 19 May 2008, 08:24
by BabeWilliams
I have a question... What is all this region 1, region 2 stuff about???

Oh, and I heard somewhere, can't remember where though, that Doris improved the line OH! My hair! into the scene..

Posted: 19 May 2008, 08:57
by John M
Megan, Region Codes are indicators of where various DVDs are playable. Region 1 is the U.S. and Canada (basically). Here is a link to the Wikipedia article and list of codes and their corresponding regions.

And, yes, Doris did improvise that line.

Posted: 20 May 2008, 01:42
by puck
Super, thank you so much Bryan, I will go for it, have a try. if I succeed I will let you know.

Posted: 20 May 2008, 02:46
by Theodomus
I didn't realise that MOD didn't come out as Region 2 so far - How come?

I mean it has been one of her greatest hits and is even running on German TV a lot, not like others of her movies?

Are there any plans?

Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 17 Jun 2008, 03:19
by Laurie
Found this on You Tube, a comparison between Doris Day's Move Over Darling vs Marilyn Monroe's Somethings Got to Give. ... re=related ... re=related

Interesting, I liked both versions.

Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 17 Jun 2008, 03:32
by Theodomus
Here is a thread with a little discussion on it already ;)


Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 20 Jul 2008, 04:03
by Haymarketaddict
I agree - everything has been said about this movie in here - still - gotta say I LOVE IT!!!! Someone posted early that it would have been fine for the talents of Marilyn Monroe but not of Doris Day. I don't agree - I can't see MM in this at all - I don't know - I kinda wouldn't have believed that role from here - neither the motherly part - nore the carwash scene *lol* ... I don't think she was ever nearly close as funny as DD. Even though they made DD look very much like MM with the hairdo (which I think is REALLY flattering and good looking except maybe a touch to whitishblonde)
I LOVED Thelma Ritter in this .... she was GREAT!!! Loved the end .... loved the scenes with the kids and the lullabye ... oh and the carwash-scene - definitely hillarious!!! :mrgreen:
Rated it EXCELLENT!!! :D

Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 20 Jul 2008, 04:15
by Theodomus
You might be interested in this thread - a comparison of MM and DD in the movie with clips from both:



Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 20 Jul 2008, 04:16
by Haymarketaddict
Theodomus wrote:You might be interested in this thread - a comparison of MM and DD in the movie with clips from both:


I've just seen it - sorry about my rambling on about that topic here :lol:

Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 06 Sep 2008, 13:38
by Johnny
This is one of Doris Day's brightest films. She is at the height of her beauty and comedic skills.

Considering the press around this film when the lead was originally Marilyn Monroe, there were really high expectations. It is a memorablefilm for the caasting and humour.

Upon reflection, Marilyn and Doris have a great deal in common other than being beautiful blonds. They both suffered physical and emotional abuse from the men in their lives. They were both explotied by men for their money and talent. They were both vulnerable and strong in their acting styles. Ms Day and Ms Monroe both are icons of the fifities and sixties. Both are vastly under appreciated and under recognized by the Hollywood community. Both women made millions of dollars for the industry. Most importantly, both Doris and Marilyn remain loved and respected for their work in film by their loyal fans.

Move Over Darling inspired this reflction so I will always appreciate it and remember it with joy.


Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 06 Sep 2008, 15:53
by mikeydv
just a MAJOR difference between DD and MM....i am thinking about the degree of professionalism. I believe Marilyn caused MANY shutdowns and slowdowns on films because of either no shows or being late or whatever. The ones Doris caused were all because of illness or because of something that happened to her while filming (like the cracked ribs). However, I do believe that on one film, she stayed every day to do the filming and went to her dressing room between takes to be strapped down because she was hurting.
It is a shame there was not a book written by all the guys and gals who worked with her behind the scenes...I always got the impression THEY TRULY LOVED HER, like we do.

Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 07 Sep 2008, 08:34
by jmichael
I can't resist this film. No matter how many times I've seen it or what the critics may think, it never fails to entertain and delight me. Doris is at the top of her game and the supporting cast is topnotch. A few of the scenes are a bit forced and the script is predictable, but you cannot fault the packaging or the energy level.

It's a fun, glossy ride from start to finish.


Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 07 Sep 2008, 14:43
by BabeWilliams
My thoughts exactly!

Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 07 Sep 2008, 23:44
by Jake Iverson
I like this movie. There are so many good scenes. I like the end in the court room and also the very end where she is finally reunited with her husband and children and the children finally know who she is. Funny and moving at the same time. I think Doris Day was heads and shoulders above Marilyn Monroe in acting and professionalism. I didn't dislike Marilyn, but I really do not think she was a good actress. She was good in How to Marry a Millionaire and the 7 Year Itch, but her acting was not as natural or believable as Doris's. Just my opinion. I do think that her unprofessionalism contributed to the failing health of Clark Gable while shooting the Misfits.

Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 08 Sep 2008, 05:25
by Jas1
I agree Jake [about your observations re- Marilyn v Doris]. I too watched all the Someting's Got to Give clips on U-Tube last night and what struck me was that all the characters in 'Something' seemed more formal and less comedic than in 'MOD'. Even the Judge at the beginning of the movie lost the completely over the top and funny gruffness displayed in 'MOD' and in 'Something...' appears sometimes just gruff! Deano too [whom I adore vocally] - just seemed to be going through the motions.

Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 15 Oct 2008, 18:46
by ellenarden
My head says this movie was good but not spectacular. And, while I thought everyone's performances were very good, the Grant/Dunne version was much better.

My heart says this was the first Doris Day movie I ever saw and I'll love it forever. I still have the gold locket on the long chain that I conned my mother into buying for me. I wore it just about everyday for years. Alas, since it wasn't the best, the gold plating began to wear and it started to look quite shabby. It's now packed away in my Doris Day box under my bed.

Therefore, I voted with my heart and gave this an excellent rating.

Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 20 Nov 2008, 23:22
by pillowtalk
This is one of my favorites!! That Swedish nurse scene is hilarious! And I love the ending: "Hi Mommy!" Oh my gosh, my eyes got kind of teary during the end. The scene where she's driving the car around and ends up in the car wash is hilarious too. I can't add much more to what you all have said. :D

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this and I didn't notice, but the entire film is on youtube in 11 parts. :D

Re: Move Over Darling

Posted: 18 Feb 2009, 09:46
by Jas1
I got the DVD of this recently [not the 3] - just MOD - and although it is not way up there for me; it is still a really nice film. I particularly loved the Polly Bergen interview in the 'extras' - she really did have some wonderful lovely things to say about Doris saying she was the most giving actor she [Polly] ever worked with and has left the biggest impression on her out of all the big stars she was acted with. Very nice to hear and just further proof of what an overall decent human being our Doris truly was and is!