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Posted: 27 Mar 2006, 17:51
by webmaster
What do you think of "Julie"?


I'll break a rule here and say in advance that I like this film - mostly because Doris is in it! - but also I think it's a good standard thriller - the kind of implausible escapist stuff that Hollywood churned out on a weekly basis at that time. It's almost a classic B movie - apart from the fact that they had a 'big star' like Doris in it.

I don't think you can judge it by today's standards - as with some of the classic Warner Bros films, in fact it's a bit like a 40s Warner's film noir, over dramatised, in black and white and made on a tight budget. (I know it was a Martin Melcher project and made by Arwin, their production company, but it seems very Warners.)

Doris Day and Louis Jordan are an interesting pairing and apparently got on very well during filming. Doris, one gathers, was drawn to Europeans - having come from German parents it was probably in the genes, and she's often said she would have been happy to live in the UK - if it wasn't for her 'babies'.

Also memorable as the film that introduced Doris to her beloved Carmel - the location she choose to live after she retired from film making.

Posted: 29 Mar 2006, 00:02
by Debbi Austen
I saw Julie for the first time about a month ago. (I stayed home from a meeting to watch it!)

I thought it was fast pace thiller. It seem like I had just been watching it a few minutes and it was over. This was a break out role for Louis Jordan who was often typecast as a continential lover. I enjoyed seeing him as a derranged killer.

This film gives a glimpse of the range Doris had. I have never seen anyone cry like Doris, I have never heard anyone scream like Doris Day.

I rated it good.


Posted: 29 Mar 2006, 10:07
by Jas1
I have only seen Julie once - about 4 years ago. Two friends and I made a big thing out of the showing with pop corn etc.

I liked the film (rated it good) but felt it was spoiled somewhat with the voice overs - way too much!

Doris looked lovely, I really like her stylized look around 1957-58 and Louis Jordan a very capable and handsome co-star. I 'adore' how she sings the title song and that scene of her lying in bed with Louis with the voice over [one of the few that worked for me] where she says "maybe my love for you is just as [?] as your love for me" (part of it escapes me for now). - well anyway, that scene should be used if Doris 'ever' gets that honourary Oscar!

Finally, who would have thought Doris was going through so much pain when making the film, resulting in the tragedy of her hysterectomy and the end to any more children.


Posted: 29 Mar 2006, 18:57
by Ken
I really enjoyed this movie and have seen it several times. Doris did an excellent job of acting. I enjoyed the movie from the opening scenes until she lands the plane in San Francisco. The scenery in Carmel was beautiful.

Posted: 30 Mar 2006, 00:15
by Debbi Austen
Thanks Lauren, yes, we agree on something.

James, I also think Doris looked beautiful in this film.

Julie will be playing on April 3, 06 on TCM in the US. It's her birthday and they will be playing several of her movies including Love Me or Leave Me.
In the UK Julie will be playing on TCM on April 28/06 at 8:20, Love Me or Leave Me on April 8th and Please Don't Eat the Daisies on March 31.[/i]

Posted: 30 Mar 2006, 01:17
by jmichael
Good escapist suspense story with Doris in top form dramatically. Not one of my top 20 but the cast, the scenery and the title song elevate it above B movie status. The plane landing is a bit much for cynical old me but if any actress could make that scene credible it was Doris. Poor Karen Black didn't fare so well in Airport 1975. :twisted:

Doris always put her whole heart and soul into every role and that served her well in Julie.

Posted: 04 Apr 2006, 16:39
by It's Magic
I have now had the pleausre to see all three of Doris' suspence films;Julie tops them all. It was a good story,wonderfully cast,it was more edge of your seat suspence than her other two thrillers {The Man Who Knew Too Much and Midnight Lace}....I could go on and on about this film.
So five star.

TCM Birthdat tribute

Posted: 04 Apr 2006, 17:24
by Vicki M
I got nothing done on Monday - except watch Doris all day.

I have a new respect for "Julie" now. It is kind of pitiful how women are left to their own devices after leaving deranged husbands. To think that movie was done 50 years ago and not much has changed.

They truly did shorten that kissing scene from the longest to about 5 seconds. I couldn't imagine kissing a man after being put through a psychotic car trip, so perhaps it was best to cut it.

It would also seem that Barry Sullivan was the actual leading man.


Posted: 03 Apr 2007, 19:55
by suzie
Julie,in my opinion is one of the most under rated thrillers ever.I like it even better than the man who knew to much.I think melcher tried learning from hitch when they made that movie,as I have seen pictures of marty watching hitch and paying very close attention to everything he did.Doris was great as always and melcher did a great job on his debut as producer.

Posted: 25 Apr 2007, 19:12
by dayniac
Hi - Here is a candid picture during the filming of Julie. Doris is opening some birthday presents. She looks like she's having a great time.
I really love this picture - thought you all might enjoy it too.


Posted: 03 May 2007, 19:30
by dayniac

Just found this photo -- lovely isn't she ?

Posted: 04 May 2007, 22:09
by Debbi Austen
I think Julie was one of the movies that show how beautiful Doris really is ~and what a great shape!

Posted: 04 May 2007, 22:18
by Ken
Neat pics of Doris while filming Julie -- one of my favorite movies.

Posted: 05 May 2007, 20:39
by dayniac

I have to agree - I think this she was at her best at this time. Amazing she could look so beautiful during this stressful time. She was actually ill and after filming ended she broke with her CS beliefs went to a doctor and had a tumor removed.
I think 55 to 61 were her best years musically and in movies. They are my favorite years. Love her music at that time. The best !!

Thanks !


Posted: 27 May 2007, 17:03
by webmaster

JULIE: Doris sings the title song:

(New Version)


Posted: 01 Jul 2007, 09:04
by webmaster

New Google link for "JULIE":

Nicely written piece.

Posted: 01 Jul 2007, 09:51
by suzie
Bryan,Can you believe this totally inacurate write up ?????This guy could not have been more wrong on doris info...

Three abusive husbands ??Scientoligy?? L. Jourdan living right next door to doris and marty in CARMEL ??? :roll: unreal ,lol Someone didnt do their home work .lol :x I bet you wanted to laugh,talk about fiction ...

Posted: 01 Jul 2007, 13:23
by John M
Suzie, you are SO right! The only thing he got right was that Julie becomes a camp-fest! And that Doris was ill through the shoot (although he got the illness wrong.)

Posted: 01 Jul 2007, 14:23
by webmaster
Didn't realise I'd put that so strongly last night - moto; don't write posts late at night when you've had a 'little tipple' :oops:

All, I meant was I found it an entertaining piece (why let the facts get in the way of a good story, kind of thing). I also scan read it and I got the impression she was putting the case that it wasn't Doris' choice to make the film. I read about '3 abusive husbands' and I thought, well okay, No 2 left her. Is that abusive? Not really, but she's taking a bit of license to make a point. Cancer bit was plain wrong. I guess it shows we get different 'impressions' of what we read about Doris.

Whip Crack Away !! :lol:

Posted: 02 Jul 2007, 15:05
by dayniac
Well - I'm torn on this one. I'm glad that someone is giving the film some interest but too bad they didn't have some of their facts straight. They were close -- but not right. But- good to see Doris films getting some internet play.

Posted: 02 Jul 2007, 15:36
by webmaster
Please see my edited post above.

Anyway, I rather like the odd clip from Julie - it's a good Saturday/Sunday afternoon film. I bet loads of people have watched and enjoyed it that way and not thought any more about it.

Posted: 03 Jul 2007, 00:48
by John M
Actually, Bryan, I though your first response was pretty funny and got your point across in a clever way.

Posted: 03 Jul 2007, 04:08
by webmaster
But then our dear Pam sent off a solicitor's letter to the poor unsuspecting blogger who didn't know there were an army of Doris experts reading her/his prose... :lol:

But don't encourage me John...

Posted: 03 Jul 2007, 10:20
by Debbi Austen
Here's a little quiz:

1. Which one of Doris Day's husbands was considered a "nice guy"?

2. Who introduced Doris to Christian Science?

3. What health problems was Doris experiencing during the filming of Julie?

Posted: 05 Jul 2007, 00:37
by Pam
1) George Weidler

2) George Weidler

3) Excessive Bleeding from an enlarged fibroid

Pam~ :D