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Posted: 12 Jul 2005, 14:20
by Betty
On Doris Day's best friends there was a clip of JFK while Doris sang, Everyone's Gone To The Mooon, with guest Alan Shepard in 1986.


Posted: 12 Jul 2005, 14:37
by Karen T
I read on the IMDB site, that Todd Starke who plays Tobey Martin died in a motorcyle accident in 1983, he was just 22 years old.

Posted: 12 Jul 2005, 18:39
by Ken C
I read that too Karen.That is so sad. Todd was such a cute likable kid on the show.I'm sure that was not mentioned intentionally in the bonus features.

Looking Good!

Posted: 13 Jul 2005, 09:00
by Earl
Doris even makes knee socks look good!

Episode9-The Librarian

Posted: 13 Jul 2005, 10:59
by ray
Having fallen for the local librarian, Leroy tries to make her believe he is an expert on nineteenth century poetry. Aired December 3, 1968.

Episode 10- The Camping Trip

When Buck invites Billy and Toby on a camping trip, the boys become entralled with Buck's friend, Indian Joe. Aired-December 20,1968.

Episode 11- The Job

Doris returns to New York to help her former employer Maggie, for a week but Maggie wants her back permanently. Aired-December 17, 1968. Shades of the second season and Maggie's office looks a ittle like Today's World magazine.

The Job

Posted: 13 Jul 2005, 12:02
by Betty
In this show Fran Ryan was replaced by Naomi Stevens as the housekeeper.

Fran Ryan

Posted: 13 Jul 2005, 14:37
by Karen T
Does anyone know why Fran Ryan was replaced?, I really liked her her in the Show


Posted: 13 Jul 2005, 15:08
by Vinton
Interestingly in Caprice when the man that was trying to tape Doris's spy confession he said, " This will make a great reality show. put it on Tuesday Nights!" Funny that was before reality shows and the nexy year The Doris Day Show was on Tuesday nights till then switched to Monday nights for the remainder of the show.


Posted: 13 Jul 2005, 16:02
by DorisDayFanatic
Fran Ryan was replaced at about the time, that she became Mrs. Ziffel on Green Acres. Maby she decided to quite her contract and work for Filmways instead. I don't know.

MPI Home Video

Posted: 14 Jul 2005, 12:06
by Betty
MPI in august is coming out with Petticoat Junction on DVD. They also have a Dark Shadows DVD fan club, just as we have a DD DVD fan club with this site!!

The Doris Day Show

Posted: 14 Jul 2005, 13:07
by webmaster

"The UK only got to see 26 episodes of the 128 made and had to wait until 1973 to see them. The show was broadcast on ITV from 9th July 1973 until 12th February 1974."

The Doris Day Show

(PS - My computer crashed again last week - another virus - all okay again now but I've only made fleeting visits here - glad you are all managing happily! :lol: )

TV Series

Posted: 14 Jul 2005, 14:41
by Vinton
28 shows for the first season and I think the number of shows per season dropped the remaining four seasons.

Posted: 14 Jul 2005, 23:50
by David
"Once I had a secret love
That lived within the heart of me
All too soon my secret love.....

WOW! They just don't make lyrics like this or singers like this any more!

I am writing a book on Doris. If anyone wants to contribute, I will provide an address.
Thank YOU!


Posted: 15 Jul 2005, 01:14
by Betty
Many on this forum has tons of info about Doris, leave our e mail address for a wealth of DD knowledge!


Posted: 15 Jul 2005, 02:35
by Betty
I meant David, leave your E Mail address so we can send you are wealth of Doris info!

Season Two

Posted: 15 Jul 2005, 12:38
by Vinton
Looks ike season two has 25 episodes.

Episode 12-Buck's Girl

Posted: 16 Jul 2005, 14:12
by ray
Aired December 31, 1968- Buck and local veterinarian both develop a crush on the new manicurist downtown and compete for her affection.
This was like an early version of Grumpy Old Men.

Episode 13- Love A Duck-aired January 7,1969-Tyrone Lovey is suspected of shooting ducks on the Martin's property, prompting Doris to investigate the situation.

Episode 14- Let Them Out Of The Nest-Aired- January 21,1969-Once Billy and Toby get themselves an egg delivery route, Doris cannot restrain herself from helping them too much.


Posted: 16 Jul 2005, 17:00
by Betty
A clip from that last show mentioned, Leave The Nest, was shown on the Entertainment Tonight piece played the 4th of July.

Fran Ryan

Posted: 16 Jul 2005, 23:07
by jboy4da
I think I recall that Doris and Fran didn't get on that well. At the time, there was a big spread in one of the movie rags about this. It was an interview with Fran, and showed a picture of Doris in a "moo moo" and Fran and Fran's son. He had come by the studio and wanted his picture taken with Doris. So it was arranged. Fran was not happy that Doris did it in a "moo moo". She talks exptensively about the distance that came between she and Doris and then, one day, she was fired. That's as I remember it some 36 years later!
Fran Ryan always reminded me of Marjorie Maine. A tame version of her. I think Fran's performance on this show was rather stiff and labored, but then, she didn't really have time to settle in.
If I were casting that show, I would have cast Alice Ghostly as the maid. What a riot! Or even Mary Wicks, Doris' buddy for years.
Well, hindsight is 20/20.

Doris was first!

Posted: 17 Jul 2005, 00:07
by Viton
Doris was palying a single Mom a year before Mary Tyler Moore came onto the scene with her show and Doris did the hat thing in the opener, also before Mary flung her hat in the air!

Fran Ryan

Posted: 17 Jul 2005, 00:41
by Pam~
Thanks jboy4da, for that info. on Fran Ryan. Your right, there wasn't much chemistry between Doris and Fran Ryan on the screen. It's hard to believe that Doris Day would fire Fran Ryan because of a personal dislike and not because of her lack of performance but thats my idealistic thinking about Doris Day. I think Mary Hicks would have been a hoot for the replacement.


Posted: 17 Jul 2005, 00:44
by Pam~
OPPS! Mary Wicks...not Hicks :D


Mary Wicks

Posted: 17 Jul 2005, 00:49
by Betty
How many DD movies was Mary Wicks? I know On Moonlight Bay, By The Light of The Silvery Moon, I'll See You In My Dreams, and It Happened To Jane. Any others?

Mary Wicks

Posted: 17 Jul 2005, 00:55
by Pam~
Betty, I think those were the only D.D movies that Mary Wicks were in.


Mary Wickes

Posted: 17 Jul 2005, 22:54
by ray
Since we are speaking about Mary Wicks I jumped to Episode 16- The Buddy-aired February 4. 1969 which features Dear Mary Wickes from so many DD films.-With Doris away, Buck, Leroy and the boys find thmselves at the mercy of an old female Marine who takes charge.