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Favorite Episode

Posted: 18 Jul 2005, 11:07
by Betty
What was your favorite episode from the frist season? Mine was The Fly Boy, Doris looked dazzling in that long sleek gown.

TV Shows

Posted: 18 Jul 2005, 14:26
by Earl
All the shows were Daylightful! Looking forward to Season Two which was called the Comeback Series of the year in 1969!

episode 13

Posted: 18 Jul 2005, 17:47
by DawnRenae
I'm on episode 13 right now and I love all of them!!! Everyone's acting is very natural, especially the kids, I was kinda surprised at that. Doris is amazing! Love her!! :D


lol, their farm reminds me of ours, a little bit of everything. :lol:

Favorite Episode

Posted: 18 Jul 2005, 23:29
by Pam~
I'm with you Betty! The episode "The Fly Boy" was my favorite. That gown was absolutely gorgeous! The color of her gown too!


Awesome gown.

Posted: 19 Jul 2005, 04:26
by jboy4day
Rivals the orange sequence in "Do Not Disturb"! All of her clothes in the series were off the rack Doris said. Connie Edney would go shopping and bring in the stuff on Thursday's or Fridays. Most all of the costumes came from Joseph Magnum according to D and she just loved that store.

So I guess the gown came from there as well, and they would undergo some nodification to fit D's awesome naturally athletic body if they needed to. I would guess that Connie Edney took care of that too.

Just my two cents on this.

Day fashions

Posted: 19 Jul 2005, 05:38
by Jas1
I love the story Doris told of how Coney Edney would bring back all these wonderful clothes and she (Doris) would then decide which she liked best. Doris has natural fashion flair and said she would maybe love an outfit but wear it back to front for extra effect - that is confidence and style!

Episode 15-The Clock

Posted: 19 Jul 2005, 09:25
by ray
Aired January 28, 1969- Tyrone Lovey convinces Leroy to buy Doris an antique clock, a gift that backfires when Doris is soon unable to sleep.

We already covered "The Buddy" episode and that concludes disc two.

Wendy you are from Tennesse right? A friend in work and her Husband and children are thinking of moving to Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Supposed to be nice living and much cheaper than here in the east. Glad you are enjoying the shows as I am Wendy.


Posted: 19 Jul 2005, 09:28
by ray
Sorry I mean Dawn!! Hope you too are enjoying the shows Wendy and Dawn!!LOL


Posted: 19 Jul 2005, 13:57
by Teachers_Pet
Hi Ray--

I got a kick out of your post. I was wondering if I moved and didn't know about it. :shock:

I live in New Jersey although I have driven through Tennessee and Georgia and all those southern states--the pace of life does seem a tad slower.

BTW--I recently finished watching all four discs; however, I think I will watch them over and over whenever I want to get a taste of a simpler life. I just loved every episode, including all the extras. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Second Season; but, in the meantime, I'm going to continue to enjoy Season One. It's difficult for me to choose one favorite; what I enjoy is the naturalness of the acting--I feel as if I'm a guest in someone's house.


Posted: 19 Jul 2005, 20:39
by Ralph
I've changed my opinion about the first season of THE DORIS DAY SHOW. Doris Day is wonderful in this show! The stories were good and well-thought out, it was honest and should have gotten the recognition it deserved.

Standing in the way was the backlash against Day herself. This was during the time that she was the butt of many a comedian's jokes. Also, there was a general feeling that it was fashionable to "dislike Doris Day." As a result, the show was ignored at Emmy time. The critics probably didn't even watch the show, but her fans were loyal. Day was far better than wide-eyed Marlo Thomas in THAT GIRL! and the lovely Diahann Carroll in JULIA... and certainly more believable than Lucille Ball in that mess she was in at the time.

The fact that Day's show was in the top 20, most of its run tells you something. Doris never got nominated as best actress in a TV comedy. What an oversight. The Golden Globes did nominate her as Best TV Comedy Actress one year, however.

Each episode I see hooks me! I love seeing Day play opposite so many actors this show gave work to, like Joseph Campanella and the legions of character actors we all know.

Cheers to Doris and Ralph!

Posted: 19 Jul 2005, 22:13
by ray
I respect your opinion and talent as a writer Ralph, with your great DD movir reviews on this site. Thats why I am so glad you changed your mind about Doris's performances on her first season TV shows. Her acting is natural and honest. So many other ladies at the time where always getting Emmy's, such as Hope Lange etc...Doris has been ignored throughout her career and I think it is mostly jeslousey and I am still dam angry that Oscar has also ignored her! She survived and prospered without them all with her enormos talent.

Episode 18- The Tournament

Posted: 21 Jul 2005, 16:03
by ray
Aired February 18, 1969- After Leroy accidentally injures Buck's horsehoe partner, Leroy is recuited once his special ability is discovered.

Episode 19- Love Thy Neighbor-Aired March 4, 1969- Doris reviews the farm's financial accounts, disovers an outstanding debt from a neighbor and sets out out collect it.

In this one Doris even rolls in the hay with the hillbilly son that she has gone to collect money for Buck. He was courting and Doris was running!LOL!

Sorry guys about my spelling some times when I post! I should use spell check and not write so fast!!

Laugh Track

Posted: 21 Jul 2005, 17:44
by Vinton
Was there a laugh track on these show? i always found them to e annoying even with the live audience such as back in the day with All In The Family.

Laugh Tracts

Posted: 21 Jul 2005, 20:42
by Ralph
Some of these shows have a quiet laugh tract, nothing like they are today (the complete "studio audience" laughing at everything!). I thought it was very clever that they kept it "low key." On other shows, there is no laugh tract at all! They just let the stories flow naturally and you and only you decide if you want to laugh when something is funny. I like that, too. :lol:


Posted: 22 Jul 2005, 00:05
by DawnRenae
I actually live in Murfreesboro TN! I go to school there and I'm at home in Indiana right now. If you or your friends have any questions about the town, feel free to e-mail me, I'll be glad to answer any questions!! :D


[email protected]

Love Thy Neighbor

Posted: 22 Jul 2005, 00:21
by DawnRenae
In regards to an episode I just finished, "Love Thy Neighbor" If it weren't meant to be funny, it would have been creepy. As I was watching it I thought, "Man, If I were her I would have freaked out!" Especially about the time he brought out the shotgun!!! And, I really got a kick out of the moonshine episode, is the show supposed to take place in Tennessee??? :lol:


--And, coming from a farm background, the baby calf in "Buck's Girl" looked like he had a few more problems other than a hurt leg, he was a little rough looking. :?

Small World!!

Posted: 22 Jul 2005, 00:21
by ray
Dawn what a small world!!! Thank you for your e mail address, my friend who is looking at property there will be gald for any info. She has some family there and is looking at houses which our priced so low compared to here. Thanks again Dawn!!!:)

Small World

Posted: 22 Jul 2005, 13:37
by Betty
Wow it is a small world indeed!!

Over Forty Glamour

Posted: 22 Jul 2005, 16:40
by Vinton
Back in the late sixties women in their forties weren't offered choice roles. The Doris Day Show was perfect for Doris to showcase herself and make it last for five years well into her fifties.

Episode 20- The Con Man

Posted: 22 Jul 2005, 22:12
by ray
Aired March 11, 1969- When Doris is put in charge of raising funds for a new convention center, she is taken in by a handsome architect.

Episode 21- The Musical

Aired March 18, 1969- Buck volunteers Doris to direct the grammer school musical but the principal objects to the modern presentation. The Andy Griffin show did the same story a few years earlier with Andy's girlfriend directing the musical.

I had to go and buy a new DVD player, probably wore out the old one playing on my new DD DVD's!! And Bryan the new player was only forty dollars and they last for about three years. Just a hint so you will get one and watch the DD TV Showa!!LOL!

The Con Man

Posted: 22 Jul 2005, 22:40
by Betty
This is the show that Joseph Campanella was in that Ralph mentioned.

Also Alan Sues was in a later episode before he made it big as a wacky Laugh-In member. The show was called The Relatives and the last show for the first season.

Posted: 23 Jul 2005, 13:39
by webmaster
I've finally got a DVD player, Ray!

I came across this review from Sitcoms Online:

Que sera, sera... whatever will be, will be... and this time, it is Season One of The Doris Day Show Day, on DVD! MPI Video has released a set that is complete with all 28 episodes from the first season of this forgotten sitcom, as well as some great special features!

Many shows from the past are heavily aired in syndication--The Doris Day Show has not received this kind of treatment; so as a result, there are many people that have never seen the show or people that have simply forgotten the show. The show stars Doris Day as Doris Martin, a widow that leaves the city to go live on a farm with her father Buck (played by Denver Pyle). She has two young sons, Billy and Toby (played by Phillip Brown and Tod Starke), and they also have a handyman for the farm named Leroy (played by James Hampton). The show began on CBS in 1968, and although it underwent many changes throughout the years, it ran for five seasons. The show is a very simple show (as many were in that time period) and mainly focused on problems that individual members of the family were having. Prior to reviewing the set, I had never seen the show, though after seeing it, I must say it kind of reminds me of a bizarre mix between The Andy Griffith Show and Julia. It is kind of an interesting show though.

Season One contains many great episodes. The first episode, "Dinner for Mom," involves the children taking Doris out to dinner for her birthday and insisting on paying for it by hiding her money�which only backfires when she realizes that they don't have enough money to pay for the dinner. In "The Friend," Doris has to do a milk commercial with her kids and their "sisters," which she instructs her sons to pick female classmates to be in the commercial--only to find that Toby has picked a black girl to be his sister. Doris finds herself helping her sons on an egg delivery route in "Let Them Out of the Nest." Doris incriminates herself while trying to help two elderly ladies get rid of their moon-shining business in "The Still."

The cover art has a picture of Doris Day herself. This set uses a digipak inside of a somewhat flimsy cardboard box. For some reason, I couldn't get the digipak to fit in the box quite right. The digipak contains four panels--one panel for each disc. Two of the panels contain a listing of each episode that is on each disc, complete with episode descriptions and original airdates. The set contains four discs, and the first three discs contain eight episodes. The fourth disc only contains four episodes, but it also contains the special features.

The menus on the set are fairly simple. The main menu has the options Play All, Episodes, and Subtitles. Additionally, Disc Four has a Bonus Features menu option. The Episodes menu takes you to a menu where you (simply put) select the episodes. There is no Scene Selection menu nor are there any chapters within the episodes. The Subtitles menu allows you to turn on the English subtitles. There was one thing that bothered me with this set in regards to the menus. Whenever you finished watching an episode, the next episode on the disc would begin playing immediately instead of going back to the menu screen! For people (such as myself) that do not always necessarily want to go to the next episode after watching one episode, it is kind of odd how it is necessary to hit the menu button to return to the menu after watching an episode.

I wasn't overly impressed with the video quality on this set. It appears to be a bit dated. Of course, the show is nearly 40 years old so that would account for many of the video problems. The picture wasn't perfectly clear, but it was sufficient. The main problem I had, however, is the fact that the picture tended to jump around a little it in certain places. The audio quality was adequate, and I didn't really find any real problems with it. It is in mono, of course. While there is no closed-captioning, there are English subtitles on the set. The episodes appear to be unedited, with each episode running at almost exactly 24 minutes.

Typically, with a forgotten show like this and a company that many have not heard of, you can expect to receive absolutely no special features--wrong! This set is surprisingly loaded with special features. In fact, about the only thing that is missing is commentary on the episodes. The set includes two clips from What's My Line? (one running 10 minutes and the other running 5 minutes) from where the panel had to guess who she was while they were blindfolded. Both of these clips are from the 1950s, and the openings of these shows are included in the clips, complete with the sponsorship intact. There is also a one minute promo taken straight from CBS in 1968 advertising the premiere of the show, which is a very nice feature to see (I don't understand why more sets can't include these...). There is a two minute Sponsor Greeting where Doris talks to the people attending a Ralston-Purina sales meeting talking about how she is proud that they are sponsoring her show--a very unusual and interesting feature! There is also a one minute CBS affiliates greeting where Doris talks to CBS affiliates about the show--again, another unusual feature in a DVD box set! There is also a two minute trailer for the movie "Lover Come Back," a film that Doris Day starred in with Rock Hudson. For sitcom fans out there, Tony Randall was also in that movie, and is featured in the trailer. Also included are the opening credits and closing credits without the text, as well as a bumper that would have been used during commercial breaks. Additionally, there is also "A Message from Doris" special feature, which is a one minute spot where she talks about the Doris Day Animal Foundation (I don't think that this was filmed exclusively for this box set but I could be wrong). However, there were two interviews done exclusively for this set! There is a 20 minute interview with James Hampton and a 10 minute interview with Philip Brown! And I'm not even done with the special features yet--that's right, there is still one more! There is a 6 minute Season 2 preview, which basically shows a few minutes from what appears to be the first episode of the second season. The opening credits from the second season (which are quite different) are also included in this preview, AND at the end of the preview, it is indicated that Season Two of the show will be coming soon! If Season Two only has half the special features though, it would still be better than most DVD sets!

Overall, I thought that this was a fairly decent show, and if you are a fan of classic sitcoms, this is definitely the show for you. This was perhaps one of the last shows of the "innocent" times of comedy where there was never any real controversy on television, and I honestly believe that fans of shows such as The Andy Griffith Show would really enjoy this show.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars):

Video Quality: 3.5/5
Audio Quality: 4/5
Special Features: 4.8/5
Menu Navigation/Design: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5 :P :P :P

Con Man

Posted: 23 Jul 2005, 16:39
by Vinton
Funny the good ole boy of TV Andy Griffith played a con man in a Doris Day Show episode during the fifth season. Martin Melcher seemed like he wanted the early Doris Day Show to be a replica of The Andy Griifith show. Down home simple life.


Posted: 23 Jul 2005, 17:00
by webmaster
Martin Melcher seemed like he wanted the early Doris Day Show to be a replica of The Andy Griifith show
Vinton, why do you say that? I thought it was Terry and Doris who worked out the format? Or had Marty approved the first run before he died?


Posted: 23 Jul 2005, 18:34
by Vinton
I can see Marty and Doris being fans of The Andy Griffith Show with its simple down home theme. Marty was the one to get Doris into the TV deal, Terry and Doris got their heads together after the first season to change formats since the good ole days of innocent TV were fading quickly!!!