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Posted: 23 Jul 2005, 18:55
by Earl
Terry was under tremendous pressure during the run of the TV shows. What with the court battle for years before the final judgement and the guilt he felt about the Manson Murders which lead to a drug problem and near fatal motorcylce accident. Had he not survived that accident Doris may not have won her money back. During the time Terry said somthing to the effect," Everthing was daises and dogs on the Tv set, but he was the one going to long meetings in heated lawyers offices and courts." Though the money he was fighting for was is his interest too. With all that was going on with him I am sure the format of a TV show was not utmost in his mind at the time.

DD Show

Posted: 23 Jul 2005, 19:15
by webmaster
I see.

Being in the UK, I've never seen The Andy Griffith Show, although I have seen him in films.


Strange that there is so much about The Andy Griffith Show
on the Internet and they are now releasing Season 3,
while a big star like Doris Day is only just getting her show released for the first time!

Sweet pic of Doris:
Image ... 051805.htm


Posted: 23 Jul 2005, 20:18
by Betty!
Brayn Duh!!!LOL! Sorry but if Terry had not signed the paperwork we would never be seeing The Doris Day Show now!! Pebrogan wrote last year on here abut Terry seeing the lawyers last year foe the Series. They would have been out sooner but I guess Doris or Terry put it off.
You have to give Doris credit to for doing the TV shows with all she was going through, it was a miracle she made it to the set let alone stand before the cameras. The sreis didn't save her career but it helped save her mind and her pcketbook.


Posted: 23 Jul 2005, 20:38
by ray
Wow Betty your spelling is wose than mine!!LOL! Have you had a few cocktails?LOL! The Andy Griffith Show was on for at aleast nine or so years and to be only on their third season DVD is no big feat, and as Betty said with Terry finally signing the Shows to MPI we are fortunate to be seeing them now. Besides DVD hasn't been out THAT long as it ie. I for one and glad we have the series now and the Specials soon.


Posted: 23 Jul 2005, 21:02
by webmaster
Do people ever use the 'Preview' button to see what the post will look like before you 'Submit'? It's easier to spot mistakes that way, You can also hit the 'Edit' button to make corrections. I notice that people usually post again with a correction, rather than change the original message.

'Dorothy Detail'

Spiked Lemonade

Posted: 23 Jul 2005, 21:22
by Betty
Ray i did have a few spiked lemonades with this Heat!!!LOL! And thanks Bryan for the tip. Was Mayberry a real place or just a Hollywood cocoction of life in the south? Ken Berry who took over after Andy Griffith left was Jackie Joseph's ex-husband. They broke up shortley after Mayberry RFD was cancelled. Jackie was a regular on the last two seasons of The Doris Day Show and had a small part in With Six You Get Eggroll.


Posted: 23 Jul 2005, 21:47
by DorisDayFanatic
In the USA.

Andy Griffith Show, is an American Landmark.

Most people know Andy of Mayberry, Barney Fife, Opie Taylor, Aunt Bea. Gomer. Great classic American Show.


Posted: 23 Jul 2005, 23:35
by Earl
Opie Taylor is non other than Ron Howard!

Posted: 24 Jul 2005, 20:40
by John
[/b]it seems i have always been a fan of Dorisas long as i can i remember my father liking her and seeing her book in my childhood home.
now since my father passed away i had been able to read her book and now i feel like i know her as a close friend.
her personality and aura is such that she oozes love and sensuality cant help thinking of her as the girl next door, despite her claims to the contrary.
nice to see that she is true to herself and everyone onscreen as well as off.
i remember her shows on tv a big shaggy dog and denver pyle and her job in S.F. witha grouch for a boss. those were in my pre teen and early teen years.
finances are making me wait for the oppurtunity to buy her show and movies
its a shame about marty and that whole situation,lots of bad ppl out there.

Posted: 24 Jul 2005, 20:48
by John
The Andy Griffith Show is as American as Doris Day is. its shown on tv here M-F 5:30 p.m.i know em all by heart just as i do MASH lol
WM if youve never seen the show buy a dvd and watch , its a great show .a sherrif with no gun. Andy and Don knotts a great comedy team!!!

Episode 22-The baby Sitter

Posted: 24 Jul 2005, 23:29
by ray
Aired March 18, 1969- Doris finds herself in the middle of chaos while taking care of the children of a neighbor about to have a baby.

Hal Smith was the town drunk, who appeared as the same character in many Andy Griffith shows and Paul Smith, who would be Ron harvey in season two, appears as the father to be. Also Jodie Foster was in this one as one of the children Doris babysits for. Doris was as flipped out as her hair was with the kids running her ragged!

Episode 23- The Still-Aired April 1, 1969- Doris tries to help two elederly ladies get rid of their moonshine still and liquor before federal agents discover them.

Barney Phillips played the Sheriff, he was a familiar TV face back then, and there was even a car chase scene with Doris pulling off a little slapstick trying to hide the still! She displayed energy in this throw back to The Mayberry Days.


Posted: 25 Jul 2005, 00:37
by Vinton
Televison shows often mirror other shows of the era, such as The Doris Day Show with Andy of Mayberry.


Posted: 25 Jul 2005, 01:02
by Betty
Welcome to the forum John, come back often. I liked The Baby Sitter scene with the bathtub and the little girl, reminded me of the opening of The Thrill Of It All when Doris was giving her daughter a bath and was interupted by the phone, cute scenes.


Posted: 25 Jul 2005, 06:26
by Jas1
I have only ever seen 2 of the shows from Season one and thoroughly enjoyed both. One was the babysitter - the scene with the chimney soot was hilarious! The other show was the one with the escaped Lion or tiger (don't think you guys have got to that one yet). Doris looked fantastic and it is wonderous to think that with all she was going through in her real life at this time, she still looked so good and turned in first rate performances, a true pro!

Re: Love Thy Neighbor

Posted: 25 Jul 2005, 14:41
by Guest
DawnRenae wrote:In regards to an episode I just finished, "Love Thy Neighbor" If it weren't meant to be funny, it would have been creepy. As I was watching it I thought, "Man, If I were her I would have freaked out!" Especially about the time he brought out the shotgun!!! And, I really got a kick out of the moonshine episode, is the show supposed to take place in Tennessee??? :lol:

--And, coming from a farm background, the baby calf in "Buck's Girl" looked like he had a few more problems other than a hurt leg, he was a little rough looking. :?

Were you being sarcastic regarding "Tennessee"? I think the town is located in California, not far from San Francisco. Remember, Doris moves up north to S. F. with the kids in tow. Then realized that she never really liked having kids around, so she sent them to live with her crazy aunt in Germany. The kids were getting in the way since Doris became a regular at the Risko Disco, where she'd meet with other club kids. Billy grew up and became a Peeping Tom and the other kid ended up in jail for stealing old ladies' underwear off clothes lines.

I can't wait 'till season two!


Posted: 25 Jul 2005, 15:46
by Teachers_Pet
Jas1 wrote:I have only ever seen 2 of the shows from Season one and thoroughly enjoyed both. One was the babysitter - the scene with the chimney soot was hilarious! The other show was the one with the escaped Lion or tiger (don't think you guys have got to that one yet). Doris looked fantastic and it is wonderous to think that with all she was going through in her real life at this time, she still looked so good and turned in first rate performances, a true pro!
I have now watched all the episodes from Season One. Being a "cat" person myself, I loved the "tiger" episode.

During the interview with Phillip Brown (one of the extras), he mentioned being a little nervous standing so close to the tiger when he was drinking from that big bucket of milk. Phillip said the tiger was only restrained by a chain; he realized that the tiger could have broken away at any time if he wanted to. He also said the tiger's trainer kept him in tow by dangling a piece of meat to get the tiger to follow him.

Skiping Ahead

Posted: 26 Jul 2005, 02:41
by ray
The first and fifth season were the lowest in the TV ratings of the series. During the second, third and fouth seasons Doris accomplished what she sought to do, make the show a hit.

The fourth season gone were the Father and Kids along with the office regulars.

Gary Mc Gee in his book, Sentimental Journey writes about the fourth season change. " The fourth season saw the fourth and final format change in the series. Doris Martin was promoted to associate editor at Today's World, working for city editor Cyril (Cy) Bennett ( played by John Dehner). Jackie Joseph came aboard the show as Mr. Bennett's secreatry, Jackie Parker. Doris became a single working woman without children: gone were the characters Ron Harvey, Michael Nicholson, and Myrna Gibbons."

As for the dismissal of characters, one answer is the possibility that the series moved ahead several years between seasons three and four. In that time span, several things may have happened which explains the show's format change. Doris's father passed away: the boys have grown up and are living on their own; Ron Harvey and Myrna Gibbons either left the magazine or were fired for their inefficiency; and Mr. Nicholson mover to another job in the jouralism field."

"Some critics felt the modification was made to make the series similar to CBS's The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which featured a working woman with no husband or children. While the Moore series debuted in 1970, it ranked lower in Nielsen ratings than The Doris Day Show. In fact, it only became a hit in the 1972-73 season-the same year The Doris Day Show changed its format."

Give me Doris Martin over Mary Richard's anyday! I liked the final two seasons which showcased Doris as single, foot loose and fancy free, dateing several men and certainly NOT prissy or virgin like. She was a mature woman with mature wants and needs. Much like the single Lady she played in most her Movies.


Posted: 26 Jul 2005, 10:57
by Betty
Doris was after all a Movie person and each role was different with different circumstances. So possible to keep her interest she made each season like five little movies with different things going on,

Episode 24- The Gift

Posted: 27 Jul 2005, 11:47
by ray
Aired- April 8, 1969-Doris and the family decide to give leroy a surprise on his first anniversary but he thinks he is going to fired.

Episode 25- The Tiger-Aired April 15, 1969- While Doris is shopping, an escaped circus tiger slips into the back of her van and is transported o the Martin farm.
Jas covered this story a few posts back and Philip Brown on the bonus extras discussed this episode.

Posted: 27 Jul 2005, 20:19
by Katie
Yes, it moust of been extemely scary working that tiger! But scary or not, I could tell that Doris liked it--it was really just like a little kitten. :lol:

I remember Doris saying (and discussing on here) that she andconnie did all the wardrobe with many think doris already had, and had worn in previous films. Well, it looks like the rest of the cast really just used their own wardrobe for the most part--especially the boys. They wore alot of the same things in many episodes. I think that gave a more 'real' feel, though. Has anyone noticed that Toby sports a blue and green plaid button up shirt quite a lot...It must have been one of his favorites! He was really an adorable kid....its really sad that his life was cut so short.

By the way--I guess I was on a 'Forum Hiatis'! I was still here reading what everone had to say, but I coudlnt speak up, due to some weird problems with internet explorer that wouldnt let me post for some reason...Oh well, I am back now--and special thanks to my favorite webmaster and yours, Bryan, for helping me solve the problem!


Glad to see you

Posted: 27 Jul 2005, 20:31
by Betty
Katie I missed you, glad you are back, Ray mentioned missing you on another thread .

Help Bryan and Melodie

Posted: 27 Jul 2005, 23:34
by Dawnelle
Our juvenile delinquent is back on page 7 of this thread signing in as Guest.
Thanks and love,

Episode 26- The Date

Posted: 28 Jul 2005, 02:27
by ray
Aired April 22, 1969- Feeling sorry for the lack of romance in Juanita's life, Doris sets up a date for her maid and a local store owner.

Ralph commented on this show saying Doris showed real concern for her housekepper. You can just feel Doris's warmth and careing if it is watching her in movies, TV or listening to her recordings.

Doris - the model!

Posted: 28 Jul 2005, 06:07
by Jas1
Not having the DVD of the first season (yet) I have been watching some episodes from Season 3 - will talk more about that another time.

However, on the "clothes" issue - (Katie) - I just have to say Doris (in season 3) and I am sure in all the seasons - especially the ones in the City - never looked better and was a walking clothes horse. Tall, perfect body and wonderful ensembles. So however she worked (with Connie Edney) on the clothes, it certainly paid off. She wore a wonderful navy outfit (skirt/ suit) trimmed in red with a hat to match and red boots on one scene that was so chiq. Even returning from work (either in brown midi and yellow raincoat, or in a vanilla trouser suit- fitted at the waist and boot cut trousers with orange shirt and orange shoes) - she looks superb.

Posted: 28 Jul 2005, 12:05
by Katie
Yes Jas, I agree that she always, always looked and dressed fabulously--she was very hip.

Heres another thing:

While I was watching some episodes from season 1,my dad was in the room, and noticied that Doris was saying a lot of common words and phrases of the day(groovy, dig it, etc) and he commented that he thought that stuff was scripted just to make Doris look young, and fresh and that she would have never said those kind of words in real life (mainly because of her age, I guess). I disagreed. I have read a lot of interviews from the same time period of her TV show where she said that she 'dug something' or whatever. Plus Terry was in his 20s and I'm sure he used all that lingo too--I dont think Doris was saying that stuff to try to look cool or young--I think she would have said it anyway.

Doris has always been 'with it'.....