Doris Day and the Page Cavanaugh Trio

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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Doris Day and the Page Cavanaugh Trio

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Hello fans of the music of Doris Day.

I am creating a playlist for myself of all the songs Doris Day recorded with the Page Cavanaugh Trio.

I own the CD S'Wonderfull! (previsouly released as The Uncollected Doris Day). This CD contains most of their recordings together away from the Columbia Record label, but I do have some serious doubts about some of these tracks even though the trio is listed as the orchestration. There are also the Bear Music box sets that name the Page Cavanaugh Trio taking part of the Tea For Two recordings but I also doubt the data on one of these tracks.

I made this list of the recordings where I DO NOT think the Trio participates based only on the fact that it does not sound like them. Keep in mind they were a piano—guitar—bass trio.

Crying My Heart Out For You
Light Your Lamp
Please, Mr. Sun
'S Wonderful
Light Your Lamp
'S Wonderful

The following two could be the Page Cavanaugh Trio but is does not sound like their style:
Because You're Mine
Please, Mr. Sun

Then finally there is this one from the recordings of Tea for Two, that sounds nothing like the trio:

I Only Have Eyes For You

I do wonder about one particular track that sounds just like their style but they are not listed as the players. The track is Ten Thousand Four Hundred Thirty-Two Sheep the movie version played in The West Point Story (not the studio recording). This one I am not sure of and it is most likely it is not them.

If any of you Doris' music fans could please point me to the right direction it would be appreciated. If there are more sources where I can find additional recordings by Miss Day with this trio it would be sensational.

Kind regards

Mario Arturo

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Re: Doris Day and the Page Cavanaugh Trio

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Hi Mario

Welcome to the forum.

There are a few experts on Doris' recordings here who can hopefully help.

Meanwhile check out the member's forum, "Small Talk", for more about her recordings:


And there's a Discography here:
Follow Remembering Doris Day:

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Re: Doris Day and the Page Cavanaugh Trio

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Re: Doris Day and the Page Cavanaugh Trio

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Keep your eyes pealed. Les Brown, Jr. is working on a brand new enhanced collection of Songs by Doris with the Page Cavanaugh Trio, sung in 1952 but never released. Should be a prize for Doris Collectors.

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Re: Doris Day and the Page Cavanaugh Trio

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Hi, Mario – Creating a playlist of Day/Cavanaugh recordings sounds like a fun project! Does your CD include their rendition of He’s Such a Gentleman? If not, you can hear it on Youtube.

You may know that Cavanaugh was not just a jazz pianist. Although not noted for it, he could also play classical music (he won first prize in a high school performance of a Mendelssohn piece). That could be why the track of Because You’re Mine, on which Doris sings with only piano, doesn’t sound like Cavanaugh’s style.

Her only recording of S’Wonderful that I’m familiar with is from the film Starlift, and I’m pretty sure that her accompaniment was more than just a trio. Probably you’re right about Cavanaugh’s trio doing the accompaniment on 10,432 Sheep, even though they’re not credited on your CD. Frank Comstock did the arrangement for that song.

As to I Only Have Eyes for You, Gordon MacRae sang it in the film Tea for Two. My notes show that Doris recorded it a couple of months after the film was finished shooting. In the recording I have, she sang it with a full orchestra that Axel Stordahl conducted.

Sorry that I don’t have any specific information about the other songs you mention.

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