Doris Day Sings Her Great Movie Hits

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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Doris Day Sings Her Great Movie Hits

Unread post by Johnny »

While looking at my father's Doris Day original album collection, I came across Doris Day Sings Her Great Movie Hits issued by Columbia on Harmony Records. It is a compilation album.

The songs on the album are:
Side 1

Do Not Disturb
What Every Girl Should Know
Move Over Darling
Canadian Capers (Cuttin' Capers)
Twinkle Lullaby

Side 2

Pillow Talk
Please Don't Eat the Daisies
Tunnel of Love
Send Me No Flowers

The back cover album notes read:

During the course of her spectacular career Doris Day has earned the right to be both a top singer-who-can-act and a top actress-who-can-sing. She has won a number of gold-record (million seller) awards, and the motion picture industry consistently places her name high on the list of top box-office draws.

In this delightful album, Doris sings ten of her best-known record hits. Many of them first served as title tunes to her film-comedy successes. Do Not Disturb, Move Over Darling, Pillow Talk, Tunnel Of Love, Send Me No Flowers, and many more.

A vivacious lady with a song in her heart and a captivating lilt In her voice - that's DORIS DAY as she sings her GREAT MOVIE HITS!

Listening to this album brought back a flood of fond memories of our house being filled with Doris' music. Listening to her movie songs is a true pleasure. I was puzzled initially when I heard Canadian Capers because I could not remember Doris singing this song in any of her films. This was also true with What Every Girl Should Know. The album notes said many (8 out of 10) of the songs served as title tunes for her films.
I would have loved to hear Doris sing these songs in her films. In any case, it was a special treat to place this record on the turn-table and just listen. The album sounded great. Movie Over Darling ranks high on my all-time favourite movie title songs.

There is no issue date on this album, it must have bene after 1965 since Do Not Disturb is listed on the album

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Re: Doris Day Sings Her Great Movie Hits

Unread post by Musiclover »

Johnny, you're right about the issue date being after 1965; Harmony Records released this album in 1966. Doris sang Canadian Capers in an early scene in the film My Dream is Yours. Like you, I don't recall that she sang What Every Girl Should Know in any of her movies, though. (A rather obscure song, it was co-written in 1954 by Robert Wells, who also co-wrote The Christmas Song with Mel Torme.)

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