Best of The Big Bands -Doris Day With Les Brown CD

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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Best of The Big Bands -Doris Day With Les Brown CD

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Recently I have started listening to songs Doris recorded with Les Brown. Her voice is not as sensuous as it is in her later albums but it is full of feeling. It is captivating.

The Best of The Big Bands - Doris Day With Les Brown is a 1990 Columbia release. The liner notes by music critic by Will Friedwald are fascinating.

The songs included on this cd are:

While The Music Plays On
Aren't You Glad You're You
I'll Always Be With You
Tain't Me
Beau Night In Hotchkiss Corners
The Last Time I Saw You
Come To Baby, Do!
We'll Be Together Again
Easy As Pie
There's Good Blues Tonight
Booglie Wooglie Piggy
Let's Be Buddies
Barbara Allen
Sooner Or Later
Dig It!
It Could Happen To You

It is such a pleasure listening to Doris singing ith the great Les Brown band. I highly recommend it.

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Re: Best of The Big Bands -Doris Day With Les Brown CD

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Johnny, this is truly a fine CD. Glad you're enjoying it. Three swing tunes -- "Tain't Me," "Sooner or Later," and "Dig It" -- are standouts. (Some trivia: "Sooner or Later"'s lyricist was Ray Gilbert, who was to become Janis Paige's husband.) It's hard to find better renditions of "Come to Baby, Do" and "It Could Happen to You" -- unless they are Doris's own re-recordings of them in 1964 under Mort Garson's baton. Both are terrific, and the latter's arrangement under Garson transformed it from cool jazz into a nice ballad.

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Re: Best of The Big Bands -Doris Day With Les Brown CD

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Hi Johnny,

Great classic big band album, I enjoyed this so much... It was the start for me to find the rare radio shows to hear more. One Night Stand, (Victory Parade) Spotlight Bands, Magic Carpet, Fitch Bandwagon shows etc. Hope to find some more for us all to enjoy!



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