The Legends Collection - The Doris Day Collection

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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The Legends Collection - The Doris Day Collection

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The Legends Collection)The Doris Day Collection is a 2 CD set of 41 songs. It was made in England and released in 2001 by Dressed To Kill Records.

Many of the songs are familiar but the composition of the collection is often surprising and contains an unfamiliar hidden gem or two.

The songs on disc one:

Love Somebody
It's Magic
Powder Your Face With Sunshine
Let's Be Buddies
Three At A Table
Til The End of Time
I'd Rather Be With You
Sentimental Journey
I'll Always Be With You
It Could Happen To You
T' ain't Me
The Last Time I Saw You
Come To Baby
A Red Kiss On A Blue Letter
Canadian Capers
Sooner Or Later
My Number One Dream Came True
You Should Ha e Told Me
He's Home For A Little While
Keep Cool
Fool Made Up My Mind

Disc Two

The Christmas Song
While The Music Plays
Between Friends
Broom Street
The Whole World Is Singing My Song
My Blue Heaven
A Hundred Years From Today
I'm A Big Girl Now
Singin' In The Rain
A Guy Is A Guy
It's A Great Feeling
My Dream Is Yours
I'll String Along With You
Someone Like You
Blue Skies
I'm In The Mood For Love
Everywhere You Go
Blame My Absent Minded Heart

The Doris Day Collection is a true easy listening pleasure. It creates a rather dreamy mood.

I listed the songs exactly as they are written on the box cover. Some appear abbreviated.

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Re: The Legends Collection - The Doris Day Collection

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Hi Johnny,

Thanks for this compilation. You've put a lot of work in it. I love the Big Band sound/Les Brown sound with Doris voice. I think Les Brown did an fantastic job with her. And Doris with him. The lift each other up. Would've been great to visit them playing together around 1940-1950. "The Whole World Is Singing My Song".... as they did with "Sentimental Journey"

One of my other favourite songs is Quicksilver. Wish Doris had done more of those country style songs. Her mother would love that too. I think she could sing everything. In the Bear family books, there is a mention of an album with Classical Music. Wouldn't it be great that that record ever had been made? The supposed title was: "I've Got A Right To Sing The Classics (well that's what I remember of it)

Keep up the good work,


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