Rare Doris Day/Buddy Clark Recordings

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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Peter Flapper
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Re: Rare Doris Day/Buddy Clark Recordings

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Hi Texas,

Not to push, but how is it going with your record of the rare Strawberry Moon song?
There must be a way to get it online?


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texas gonzalo
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Re: Rare Doris Day/Buddy Clark Recordings

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Hi Peter, as you you will recall the recording of A Strawberry Moon/That Certain Party is contained in a 78 rpm test pressing. I heard both songs only once before my turntable became inapporable. The first thing I have to do is transfer the songs on tape then on to a CD. When I can accomplish that, I would share this treasure with you and the Forum. I am relucant to let this disc out of my hands. When I can accomplish the transfers under my supervision, everyone can then hear these two songs. Turntables seem to thing of the past, and it is difficult for me to accomplish the transfer task. I have not fogotten how important it is to all of us to share these wonderfull songs. Happy Days, Texas Gonzalo

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