Another book analyzing the Day persona...

Books and articles about Doris Day.
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Another book analyzing the Day persona...

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Found it in the City Lights bookstore in San Francisco...

I sometimes find the author's writing a tad academic but I like how she refutes the ossified thinking that the Day persona is frigid and virginal. ... t#PPA85,M1

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Re: Another book analyzing the Day persona...

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Thank you, heathcliff, very interesting. :wink: Its amazing that doris is getting so much attention at this time in her life,being out of show biz for so long and all.Its just goes to show you how very much people love her and her great talent. :)

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Re: Another book analyzing the Day persona...

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It is indeed wonderful to know that there is apparently continued interest in the work of DD - even though TCM is the only place where the average TV viewer - who may not be into video or DVD collecting - can get to see her films while it is almost next to impossible to catch her songs on the radio as few stations today play that type of music. So its quite miraculous that there are now some additional books about her on the market.
That being said - she herself probably considers these unauthorized books about her to be an invasion of her privacy. She is a woman of a certain age and it must be awful for her to see all these inaccuracies plus the unflattering photos of her that often appear in those supermarket 'rags' ! She even had to refute the claims of these rags in a recent letter she wrote to her fans.
She did participate in a book about her life that was published in the mid 1970's. She went on numerous TV talk shows to plug the book. Naturally the book went to the extent of her entire professional life -with the obvious omission of the DORIS DAY & FRIENDS series in the 1980's - but I do get the impression that her life primarily after her careers ended has been mainly devoted to the animals, an occasonal phone call she makes to a radio station, her eagerness to respond to the fan mail she receives - and to her CYPRESS INN and just enjoying her life in Carmel. She understandably feels there is no real need to add any further chapters to her book - so she could write about how she relishes walking her dogs on her property ?
She has managed to bring her life to where she wants to be. She is not at all the recluse that the 'rags' have implied - just because she does not give interviews to the media ? She knows - as do the rest of us - that luminaries are often misrepresented by the media so she would rather 'speak' for herself through her occasional phone calls to the radio programs plus keeping in touch with her fans by responding to their requests for autographs.
Maybe a number of people might be curious to know the real DORIS - but personally I don't think its any of my business. I merely wish to appreciate her talent and let it go at that !

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