DD Autograph Authentication

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DD Autograph Authentication

Unread post by TCMMovieFan »

Hello !
I am a lifelong DD fan and perhaps someone can kindly provide me with some input. Recently I went to another DD Forum that is combined with the Hollywood Database Website whose accurate name escapes me at the moment.
A few people on that forum wanted to ascertain how they could receive an autograph from Miss Day. Someone recommended that they email the website of the Animal Foundation. So I thought perhaps I should try that as well.
Within a couple of weeks I received a large brown envelope in the mail from the DORIS DAY ANIMAL FOUNDATION which apparently has its offices in LA though of course we all know that DD resides in Carmel, CA and does not and has not made any trips to the LA area since she was given a special GOLDEN GLOBE award in 1989 which is already 21 years - how the time does fly !
Anyway, I opened the envelope to find a very nice photo with personalized autograph from Miss Day with her dog named HONEY who is a beautiful pure white dog - I am not certain of the species.
I was truly amazed at the rapidity of obtaining this autograph------
Now for the question - is this truly an autograph of Miss Day or are these penned in by a secretary from the Foundation ? It is written in a large black ink Sharpie.
If this is truly a bona fide autograph from Miss Day - this is truly wonderful..........did not know that it was so easy to obtain one.

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Re: DD Autograph Authentication

Unread post by daybyday08 »

I believe that it's a true autograph. Her foundation sends her all of the fan mail they get so I'm sure she signed it. I usually send things to her mailbox and not the foundation but both work great. I'm happy that she wrote you back! =) Don't worry! It's real she never lets others sign her pictures.
It's a wonderful day for Doris Day <3
- Dominique

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