Seeking A Particular Doris YouTube Clip - If It Exists !!!!!

Talking about and listening to Doris Day, the singer.
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Seeking A Particular Doris YouTube Clip - If It Exists !!!!!

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Hello !
Its been awhile since I last participated in this forum.....frankly I did not want to become too tiresome as I do tend to 'run off' with my mouth quite a bit !!!! :cry:
Yet I am heartened to see the website looking increasingly more attractive......Webmaster Bryan - do you magnificent work.........BTW -- when time permits can you kindly tell me how TWITTER works ? I joined it but somehow my entries are either not getting through or I am failing to follow the thread.
Anyway - I got off the road didn't I ? :roll:
I met a friend from GREECE via Facebook.....a young lad I would say about 30.........don't know how I got on the topic but I introduced him to YouTube clips of Doris. Apparently he liked them and her very much ! :shock: Usually when it comes to 'peers' (I reside in the USA !) I am not at all persuasive in winning any fans -- not even for myself ! :?
There is one clip however I could not find on YouTube.......its the rock and roll version (with snazzy saxophone accompaniment) of Doris singing the title song from the movie -- THETUNNEL OF LOVE Can anyone kindly direct me to it ? I did come across the somewhat less interesting arrangement -- Doris singing the song with chorus but for me the saxophone version is the most preferred and the one I think this Greek friend would enjoy as well. Why the people on YouTube opted for the original in this case in lieu of the other 'rocking' DD version - I have no idea.
Also, on YouTube I could not find her rendition of BOTH SIDES NOW from her CBS-TV special of 1971......nor could I find from that same special her ITS MAGIC & SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY which to me -- as a musician - ranks as her very best........and definitely most exciting !
Thanks In Advance !

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